DT Global denies the allegations in the lawsuit by the Attorney General of the District of Columbia intervening in a suit brought by James Prince against DT Institute. The allegations that DT Institute has violated nonprofit and charitable law to enrich DT Global are without merit. 

DT Global will cooperate fully with the District of Columbia’s Attorney General’s investigation.

Prince’s characterization of the relationship between DT Institute and DT Global is misleading. DT Institute’s nonprofit and charitable resources have never been used to benefit DT Global, as the suit alleges, and the two organizations operate independently of one another. DT Institute worked with legal counsel with expertise in structuring relationships between nonprofit charitable organizations and for profit entities to allow DT Institute to meet its charitable mission while having DT Global support the work of DT Institute. These governance structures have been audited and reviewed repeatedly—including by DT Institute external auditor, Windes, and a State Department technical assistance review—both of which resulted in no findings or recommendations. 

DT Global is confident in its processes, procedures, and relationship with DT Institute. This relationship enables DT Global to channel the majority of its profits to improving lives through DT Institute’s charitable endeavors.

DT Global is proud of its accomplishments and commends DT Institute for the difference it has made to peace and development around the world. Our donations to DT Institute are changing lives—from supporting vulnerable children throughout Latin America, to helping to engage and mentor the next generation of youth leaders in Iraq, to working to prevent and counter violent extremism in Cote d’Ivoire.

About DT Global

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