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Image of Santiago Sedaca

Santiago Sedaca

Chief Investment Officer

DT Global

Education: Georgetown University, Masters in Foreign Service

Languages: Spanish

Technical areas of expertise: Economic Growth and Private Sector Engagement

Santiago Sedaca joins DT Global in January, 2021 as Chief Investment Officer and Global Economic Growth Practice Lead. In this role, Santiago will serve as a member of DT Global's Executive Leadership Team, developing and leading a global Economic Growth practice area, assuming a leadership role on corporate development and acquisition prospecting, and working closely with the DT Institute on their Economic Growth efforts - all while ensuring seamless collaboration with our current economic growth teams in the European, Australian, and US operations.

Santiago brings with him decades of experience as an industry leader, and a respected development innovator and practitioner. He has worked with all major bilateral development agencies and development banks, managed significant public-private partnerships across Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Most recently, Santiago was at Palladium, where he was a Managing Partner for the Americas, and prior to that at CARANA Corporation, where he served as President up until the company’s merger with Palladium. He has designed and managed hundreds of millions in development programs, including the recently launched $250 million USAID Catalyze program, which works to leverage $2 billion worth of private financing into underinvested sectors in frontier markets. He has a unique combination of deep technical skills and successful experience in corporate development, having led M&A processes, reviewed impact investment deals, and created investment attraction organizations. Prior to CARANA, Santiago served in various roles in corporate development and strategy at SRI International, Arbros Communications, and the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Organizing Committee. He is part of the USAID Administrator’s Advisory Committee on Private and Voluntary Aid, is co-chair of the Society for International Development’s Finance Committee, and recently served as Vice Chairman of the Council of International Development Companies and on the Board of the Private Sector Council of consulting and technology companies serving the USG market.

Santiago was born in Argentina, has worked and lived in El Salvador and Ecuador, and has conducted assignments in more than 40 countries. A native Spanish speaker, he received degrees in Economics and Political Science at Gordon College and a Masters in Science from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. He lives in McLean, VA with his wife, Nicole, and their three children.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t worry about your age or experience. Let your work speak for itself and people will quickly forget how much experience you have doing anything. This was particularly helpful early in my career but applies to any stage of one’s life or career.

What was the last really great book you read? Why?

I’ve been on a Ulysses Grant kick. One of the best biographies is American Ulysses, by Ronald White. Grant is one of those characters in history that was in the right place at the right time. He was unassuming but sharp and effective. His tactics are still being studied in the military academies, and his ideas and actions on race relations, while President, were courageously progressive, but unfortunately forgotten.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give others about life?

You only live once, so try to spend your life doing something that both draws on your passions, and is something that the world needs. Finding the intersection between those two will put you in a good place.