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Stabilization & Transition

DT Global’s Stabilization & Transition practice works to counter drivers of radicalization and promote stability to set the conditions for longer-term development.

At DT Global, we support communities as they stabilize crises, transform conflict, and build lasting peace. By promoting self-reliance and human dignity, we create a strong foundation for local empowerment and growth. Our Stabilization and Transition practice offers expertise in conflict prevention and mitigation, stabilization, resilience, countering violent extremism (CVE), and peacebuilding. Our global team partners with civil society, media, traditional leaders, and governments to manage conflict, disincentivize radicalization, and increase stability. We design and implement collaborative, rapid-response, context-specific programming grounded in our decades of technical expertise and state-of-the-art evidence-based analytics. Through our adaptable, responsive programming, we work with communities to build trust, promote cohesion, and enhance resilience. 

Our teams employ locally-driven, participatory approaches to operate at the dynamic intersection of social reconciliation, political stabilization, and conflict management.

DT Global implements evidence-based, community-driven programs in complex and crisis-prone environments. We support conflict transformation, stabilize crises, and lay the foundation for recovery and durable peace. Using flexible and responsive mechanisms for crisis management and mitigation, we identify systemic drivers of conflict and crisis, including social marginalization, economic exclusion, and environmental and resource scarcity. Our interventions include community dialogue, service delivery, markets and livelihoods, media, sports, culture and arts, and critical infrastructure. We promote inclusivity by affirming the contribution of vulnerable populations - including women, youth, refugees, and displaced people - to restore community cohesion. Our work strengthens local capacity to address conflicts and advocate for change.

DT Global helps communities in post-crisis environments transition out of conflict and into peace. We prioritize investment in key local processes while maintaining the flexibility needed to prevent backsliding. Our targeted, strategic interventions promote inclusion of marginalized groups in peace and political processes; expand economic opportunities, especially for at-risk youth; and encourage the development of policies that address grievances at the root of ongoing unrest. We prioritize psychosocial care for our partners and staff and implement trauma awareness initiatives that assist communities in bridging divides and pave the way for sustained reconciliation and peace.

Violent extremism is a source of instability and a threat to successful transitions to peace. DT Global conducts assessments at the local level to understand the drivers of radicalization and address these systemic causes by strengthening community-level resilience to violent extremism. Initiatives include the support of participatory community rehabilitation projects, youth livelihoods training, and community dialogue as viable alternatives to radicalization. We also work at the national level, supporting the promotion of strategic messaging campaigns and building the capacity of governments to develop and implement successful CVE strategies.