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Merelyn Aked

General Counsel and Executive Director of Ethics & Compliance
DT Global
Technical Areas of Expertise
General Counsel
International Development Law
International Contracts
Risk Management
Ethics and Compliance
University of Sydney, Bachelor of Arts
Governance Institute of Australia, Fellow, Bachelor of Laws

Merelyn Aked is General Counsel and Executive Director of Ethics & Compliance for DT Global. As a member of both the Executive Leadership Team and the Asia Pacific Senior Leadership team, Merelyn manages and directs the delivery of legal services and leads DT Global’s ethical culture worldwide. Merelyn is an expert in identifying and managing risks inherent in implementing projects and conducting business in emerging countries and markets and ensures that DT Global values, ethics, and compliance form an integral and ‘living’ part of our organizational culture.

With over 20 years corporate and private legal experience, Merelyn specializes in international development law, international contracts, governance, anti-corruption, ethics and compliance. Prior to joining DT Global she served as AECOM Lead Counsel Ethics & Compliance APAC and AECOM Services Chief Legal Counsel - International Development.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

DT Global is a ‘profit for purpose’ company, which has been designed from the ground up to create sustainable change and improve people’s lives. What we make, we give back to be reinvested, support initiatives, and empower communities. Doing development better is exciting, as is being part of the team leading this process.


If you were doing something else besides this, what would it be?


I would be an archaeologist or historian. I love learning about past civilizations and societies, their written history, culture, laws, architecture, and artifacts.