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Environment & Infrastructure

DT Global’s Environment & Infrastructure practice works with governments and communities to create livable communities and cities.

Sustainable energy, water, and climate solutions are a global imperative. Improved access to basic infrastructure—including power, water, sanitation, roads, and information and communication technology—is a catalyst for economic growth. To help communities overcome increasing pressure from climate change, urban and industrial growth, and deforestation, DT Global collaborates with stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that improve resiliency, accelerate access to safe water and sustainable sanitation, improve environmental management, build sustainable infrastructure and transportation, promote clean energy solutions, and mainstream green economy solutions. Through locally led initiatives grounded in data and quantitative analysis, we facilitate the development of improved policies and practices, strengthen stakeholder capacity, and create partnerships with the private sector and other stakeholders to bring innovation to scale.

Our team works with communities to design and develop climate resilient infrastructure for a sustainable future.

DT Global is a leader in accelerating access to sustainable and resilient water and sanitation services in both urban and rural areas. In partnership with national and local governments, water services providers, civil society, and the private sector, we design and implement WASH projects in some of the world’s most challenging environments. We facilitate research, support adoption of improved policies, offer new and expanded access to services, implement social marketing to promote hygiene behavior change, deliver engineering and infrastructure projects, increase access to finance, and facilitate public private partnerships. We also offer expertise in sustainable solid waste management.

DT Global assists governments, civil society, and the private sector in developing technical solutions that ensure equitable, efficient, and sustainable use of water resources. Working at the transboundary, national, local, and community levels, we deploy a range of modeling, mapping, engineering, and economic solutions. This includes support for green infrastructure to manage drought and flooding, improve irrigation, and strengthen water services delivery while protecting the natural resources that are integral to the ecological health of a watershed and the wellbeing of local communities.

DT Global provides sustainable infrastructure development to create more resilient built environments for rural and urban populations. We assess, design, build, and maintain structures such as sustainable water and sanitation systems, urban and rural roads and bridges, water treatment plants, cyclone shelters, schools, and urban infrastructure and low-income housing settlements. Our programs span from feasibility assessment to delivery and maintenance, with a focus on assessments and analysis, environmental compliance, green infrastructure, natural resource management, climate-resilient infrastructure, payment for eco-system services, access to infrastructure finance, and asset management.

DT Global has decades of experience delivering climate change adaption, mitigation, and resiliency services. We assist national governments, cities and communities, and multilateral institutions in developing high-quality climate change projects, including providing risk assessments and climate resilient infrastructure design. Building on our extensive experience in disaster recovery, we work hand-in-hand with local communities and institutions to increase resilience and promote disaster risk reduction. We scale sustainable technologies and support low-carbon climate resilient city design. We use dialogue and advocacy to strengthen policy and enhance cooperation with emerging economies to promote climate resilience and sustainable growth. In the some of the world’s most vulnerable environments, we have developed policies to achieve national adaptation goals, facilitated access to international sources of finance, and improved capacity to better manage and monitor resilience projects.

In partnership with governments and service providers, DT Global facilitates access to reliable, clean, and affordable energy. We strengthen enabling environments, promote private sector investment, and develop new systems (including renewable energy sources) for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. Our programs also reduce regulatory barriers to market development and facilitate cross-border energy trade. We are a leader in increasing women’s participation in the energy sector. Our team supports energy sector reforms and modernization of existing electricity systems, strengthens the enabling environment for private sector energy investment, and promotes reliable, clean, and affordable energy around the world.

DT Global provides environmental solutions for improved environmental policy and planning, as well as better protection of natural resources. Our interdisciplinary approach incorporates natural resource management (water, forestry, and land use) and ensures compliance with environmental regulations and environmental impact assessments. We support green infrastructure development and integrate natural resource management with an emphasis on assessments and analysis.

As populations grow, so do demands for safe, reliable, cost-effective methods of transportation. DT Global provides expertise in sustainable, green planning and advisory services, offering local market knowledge and management capacity in transport policy development, road safety analysis, transport infrastructure implementation, transportation economics and planning, asset management systems, and governance and business process reform. The provision of these services results in strengthened public financial management and improved capacity within the public and private sectors. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of how transport systems are managed and operated, as well as how transportation infrastructure is planned, designed, and developed, and use this knowledge to maintain a focus on community-wide impact.

DT Global works with citizens, municipalities, governments, businesses, and organizations to reimagine sustainable and climate-conscious urban development. Our team offers innovative mobility solutions with equitable service delivery and resilient infrastructure. We connect knowledge and experience across our global network of experts to help clients solve their most complex challenges, from high-performance buildings and infrastructure to resilient communities and environments.

Our Work in Environment & Infrastructure

Afghanistan: Increasing Access to Urban Water and Sanitation

2019 - 2024

Afghanistan: Strengthening Water Resource Management Systems

2016 - 2021

Africa and South Asia: Conducting Transport Research to Reduce Poverty and Develop Economies

2017 - 2023

Africa: Boosting Infrastructure and EU-Africa Economic Partnership

2019 - 2022

Amazon: Reducing Negative Effects of Infrastructure and Extractive Projects

2018 - 2020

Angola: Ensuring that Every Citizen has Access to Drinkable Water

2019 - 2022

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Technical Assistance to the Energy Sector


Côte d’Ivoire: Supporting Renewable Energy Through Private Financing

2021 - 2023

Ethiopia: Accelerating Access to Sustainable Drinking Water and Sanitation

2015 - 2021

Indonesia: Establishment of Integrated Road Asset Management Systems

2018 - 2020

Indonesia: Providing Transportation Technical Advisory Support

2021 - 2026

Indonesia: Support for Procurement Assessments and Verification Activities

2019 - 2021

Indonesia: Supporting Sustainable and Improved Access to Infrastructure

2016 - 2026

Indonesia: Technical Strengthening and Capacity Building of Directorate General Highways

2019 - 2021

Kosovo: Modernizing the Energy Sector

2017 - 2022

Lebanon: Increasing the Supply of Clean and Renewable Energy

2021 - 2026

Nauru: Providing Technical Assistance, Design, and Construction Supervision of Nauru Port

2016 - 2023

Nepal: Building Transportation Options for Poverty Reduction

2017 - 2023

Nepal: Support to Major Electricity Transmission Infrastructure

2016 - 2021

Nepal: Supporting Development to Delivery and Operations of Infrastructure Projects

2019 - 2024

Nepal: Supporting Transportation Project Planning and Due Diligence

2016 - 2020

Pacific Islands: Building Resilience to Climate Change

2016 - 2022

Papua New Guinea: Improving Planning, Prioritisation, and Delivery of Sustainable Infrastructure

2018 - 2022

Papua New Guinea: Protecting Biodiversity and Improving Livelihoods through Community-Led Conservation

2019 - 2024

Sierra Leone: Providing Improved Water Service for Urban Citizens

2017 - 2022

Solomon Islands: Improving the Quality and Accessibility of Economic Infrastructure

2021 - 2024

South Sudan: Expanding Gender-transformative Sustainable Access to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

2021 - 2026

Timor-Leste: Providing Architect and Facility Planning for Education Center of Excellence

2021 - 2025

Vietnam: Increasing Investment in Transport Infrastructure

2018 - 2022

Zambia: Unlocking the Potential of Renewable Energy

2018 - 2023