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Human Development

DT Global’s Human Development practice transforms outcomes for communities through advancements in education, health and nutrition services, and gender and social inclusion.

DT Global’s Human Development practice transforms outcomes for communities through advancements in education, health and nutrition services, and gender and social inclusion. We work with citizens, schools, health centers, and governments to increase access to quality education and health services. Throughout program life cycles, we consider complex gender relations and the roles that women and men play in households, communities, business and government. Our team employs strategies that inclusively and meaningfully consider the individuals we work with – leading to effective, sustainable development outcomes.

We implement the building blocks of sustainable human development, providing access to equitable health, education, and social protection for all citizens.

DT Global supports educational systems at the national, regional, and local levels, enhancing institutional capacity in the provision of formal and informal learning in primary and early childhood through secondary school and adult education. We address effective gender, language, and ethnic diversity in educational materials and curriculum design, with additional projects aimed at increasing the employability of disadvantaged groups, reducing social and gender discrimination, and providing support to civil society organizations. We improve teacher training, recruitment, and deployment so that schools have access to both high-quality curriculum and well-trained teachers. Our teams support governments by enhancing institutional capacity and developing vocational training programs that prepare individuals to face the requirements of a changing market, ensuring future competitiveness and creating new employment opportunities. These efforts are complemented by capacity building projects aimed at designing labor market measures and defining employment strategies that ensure socio-economic development and poverty reduction.

We support health and nutrition programs to increase positive outcomes for children and adults across the globe. Poor nutrition is a leading threat to world health, contributing to maternal and child mortality and cyclical poverty. DT Global’s programming reduces stunting and increases nutrition for children by strengthening governance, developing country nutrition programming, and increasing knowledge sharing.

Gender and social inclusion are at the heart of our work. DT Global understands that individuals have unique needs, rights, and roles due to gender, class, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation. By understanding the complex nature of gender roles and social relations, we design activities that respond to the diverse range of needs and deliver inclusive benefits. Adept at working in challenging environments and identifying context-specific solutions, our gender and social inclusion experts provide our partners with fresh, innovative approaches, maximizing equitable impact while contributing to transformative outcomes and sustainable change in gender and social relations.

Our Work

Support to the Education Sector Reform
Location: Laos
Client: European Commission

We’re improving the quality of the Laos educational system at the central government, provincial, and district levels by supporting primary curriculum reform to better address gender, language ,and ethnic diversity, in addition to improving teacher training, recruitment and deployment across the country.