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DT Global’s Governance practice works with governments and civil society to build capacity, strengthen the rule of law, protect civil rights, and prevent conflict.

Strong democratic norms, bolstered by human rights protections and effective governance, are a cornerstone of sustainable development. DT Global’s Governance practice works with government institutions and civil society to enhance institutional systems, strengthen justice and the rule of law, help protect citizen rights, prevent conflict, and champion democratic governance. By enabling governments to better engage in participatory processes with their communities, we enhance government responsiveness, transparency, and accountability. Our interventions allow local communities and governments to achieve durable peace, ensure access to justice, and strengthen human rights protections in the aftermath of conflict. By providing the expertise and training to strengthen government institutions, reform systems, and support transparency and accountability, we build consensus and capacity for lasting change.

We establish lasting relationships with communities, governments, and civil society to build and strengthen sustainable, equitable, and representative governance.

DT Global works with communities and governments at the national and sub-national levels to improve democratic governance. We provide technical assistance and training to strengthen governance systems, reform and modernize institutions, and identify and implement strategic reforms. Our dedicated specialists support public administration reform, results-based management, organizational development for institutions, and civil service reform - helping governments to become more responsive and accountable to their constituencies.

DT Global supports rule of law initiatives that build the capacity of the justice sector to provide equitable access to justice. We enable governments and civil society to protect human rights and ensure equal application of the law. We help to combat public sector corruption, train law enforcement and security sector officials, strengthen court administration, and enhance public accountability through advocacy and enforcement. Our global experts help our partners by supporting the improvement of the functioning of legislative and advisory bodies, improving efficiency of the justice and penal systems, and promoting independent and economically viable media sources and a culture of freedom of expression. Our programs support the most vulnerable members of society - including women, children, people with disabilities, and minority groups - and work towards universal access to legal protection.

DT Global combines international best practices with tailored approaches to strengthening local governance, decentralization, administrative reform, and service delivery. We help governments design and implement participatory strategies for political, administrative, and fiscal decentralization, and assist in building the political will for authority transfer. Our work ranges from conducting local and regional pilot projects to supporting national decentralization strategy roll-out and providing strategic communications support. Our programs streamline the administration of social protection systems, licensing, registrations, and civil registry services. By introducing e-government services and citizen service centers as one-stop-shops, we work with governments to enhance key municipal service provision.

DT Global works with civil society to build their capacity and encourage citizen participation in the political process. By fostering links between civil society organizations and governments, we increase transparency and accountability, give voice to citizen concerns, and respond to community service delivery needs. Our experts provide technical assistance to nascent and emerging organizations in grant implementation, financial management, monitoring and evaluation, and more. We work with civic groups to implement programming that improves people’s lives and supports an active and engaged citizenry.

DT Global provides technical advisory services to our partners around the globe to help reform regulatory systems, strengthen the public administration, and modernize the financial sector by establishing and enforcing critical market-supporting institutions. To ensure that these policies are successfully implemented and enforced, our PFM teams provides an array of capacity building services to government institutions - economy and finance ministries, treasury offices, tax and auditing departments, national statistics institutes, regulation and cadastre offices - including institutional strengthening, training and administrative reform in projects related to fiscal policy and debt management, financial system and capital markets, Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessments, and macroeconomic policy.