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Published on mayo 11th, 2022

Digital Transformation in Vietnam’s Transport Sector

The Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport is becoming a pioneer when it comes to innovation and comprehensive digital transformation. Aiming to meet the growing needs of the transport industry and Vietnam’s strategic goals and plans for prosperous socio-economic development, the Ministry of Transport has been putting significant effort into developing and implementing advanced digital systems. The extensive use of digital data across departments and stakeholders will optimise all management activities, allow well-informed and transparent decision-making, and contribute to the development of a modern and efficient transport infrastructure network. In implementing the Government of Vietnam e-Government strategy, the Ministry of Transport will focus on developing technical systems to manage transport infrastructure data for the whole industry, including databases of transport infrastructure facilities, vehicle drivers, vehicles, and transport service providers.

Aus4Transport, an initiative supported by the Government of Australia through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and implemented by DT Global, is proudly supporting the Vietnam transport sector to approach those targets through three separate activities. These three activities are building online, web-based management information systems to facilitate efficient management, operation, and planning across the transport sector in line with Government of Vietnam’s strategic plans and regulations.


Multi-pronged approach to advance transport digitisation

The Transport Project Management Information System activity is developing a platform that will provide a comprehensive database and online management system of all transport infrastructure projects, capturing relevant information required for efficient management operations, and ensuring the Ministry of Transport’s leaders have timely and accurate information available for better decision-making. This new digital information system will facilitate connectivity between ministries and sectors, allowing for implementation and evaluation processes of all investment projects, providing analytic functions to assist leadership to easily monitor performance, and extract lessons learnt from previous projects, thus having a positive impact on transport infrastructure improvement in Vietnam. This activity is approaching its final stage and is expected to be fully approved soon.

The Integrated Management Information System to support Inland Waterway Transport Improvement focuses on developing an online web-based platform that will allow Vietnam Inland Waterways Administration to digitise and monitor a selection of its existing activities. The platform will be divided into four categories: E-office, Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance, Vessels and Crews Management, and Ports Management. This integrated and unified management information system will facilitate data-driven decisions; support strategic planning; and improve the operation, maintenance, and management of Vietnam Inland Waterway Administration assets.

The third activity, Building A Management Information System for Railway Infrastructure, is supporting digital transformation by assisting the Ministry of Transport and Vietnam Railway Authority to develop and upgrade the railway infrastructure systems, allowing the administration to easily use data-driven technology to facilitate the operation and management of railway infrastructure throughout the country.

All three activities clearly show how digital transformation is not only about technology application, but also about operational reform where new technologies, methods, and organisational models can break through challenges and spark creativity. Digitisation is a process that serves a long-term goal and requires the awareness, commitment, and active cooperation of all users, as well as from general society. By assisting in the development of these three platforms, Aus4Transport is once again supporting Vietnam’s strategic priorities to increase investment in Vietnam’s transport infrastructure, leading the country to an improved national transport network that supports economic growth and poverty reduction.