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Kosovo: Modernizing the Energy Sector

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Kosovo Energy Security of Supply (KESS)

2017 - 2022
Client: USAID

The purpose of USAID KESS is to equip USAID/Kosovo with a mechanism that will provide technical assistance across the Kosovo energy sector, primarily to the Ministry of Economic Development and Environment (MEE), for the design and implementation of energy security projects in the country. This assistance will strengthen the Government of Kosovo’s (GOK) continuing efforts to modernize the country’s existing electricity sector to provide for a more reliable, cleaner, and affordable electric energy supply.


USAID KESS provides technical assistance through the advisory services of its hired experts, who ensure a well-balanced energy planning and the correct project implementation for Kosovo. KESS offers a full range of long-term and quick-response professional services, such as transaction document review, advising on international best practices, and analyzing project integration with existing and projected Kosovo energy infrastructure. This specific technical assistance is implemented though Job Orders.

KESS provides independent advice to the MEE, and other key government and national stakeholders such as Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK), for energy infrastructure projects. The primary focus is to support transactions for the development of electricity generation. This assistance may include on-going risk analysis to determine the likely impacts of provisions in transaction documents, responding to short-notice requests and questions, and developing white papers on transaction related issues as may be requested. Continued assistance will monitor, advise and propose suitable actions to the MEE to ensure effective implementation of commitments, agreements, and market relationships to enhance the prospects for a successful operation.


USAID KESS has supported the MEE in achieving the Government of Kosovo’s obligations under the Kosovo RePower Plant (KRPP) Commercial Agreements. KESS was successful in accomplishing all received Job Order objectives. The most important achievements are:

  • Delivery of a KRPP Comprehensive Financial Model.
  • Drafting of a State Guarantee application.
  • Drafting of a Kosovo Power Supply Options Study.
  • Supporting the KRPP Project Implementation Unit with experts and logistics.
  • Building KRPP public and targeted awareness for informed decision making.
  • Providing legal advisory services to the New Kosovo Electric Company (NKEC).
  • Supporting the Association of Women in the Energy Sector of Kosovo (AWESK) in capacity building, organizational promotion, public communication, and networking.

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