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Published on January 26th, 2021

Launch of New and Improved DT Global Website

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of DT Global’s new and improved website! DT Global’s Communications Team has been hard at work to improve the user experience of those on our website, and while we’ve made a lot of smaller changes to hopefully make the site easier to navigate, we want to share the main highlights with you here.


What’s New

Home page: The homepage has been redesigned to better tell our story as a company. We are happy to share a new timeline that demonstrates our journey as a new company with a long history, we highlight our commitment to Profit for Purpose, we delve into the meaning of our Core Values, and we highlight our live projects on an interactive map (as well as link to view all projects, including those that have closed).

Leadership (Under “About”): We’ve updated the Leadership page formatting to better show which home office people work for.

Projects: The Projects tab features pages for all live and recently closed projects/programs. We’ve also made it easy to filter projects by Region, Country, Practice Area, Sub-Practice Area, and Client.

Individual Projects: Once you click through to an individual project page, each webpage features the project’s duration, client, the challenge being addressed, our unique approach to solving this problem, and our goals and results for each project, in addition to downloadable publication, and related multimedia and blog posts.

Blog: We have added a Comment box at the end of each blog post to increase reader engagement and allow you to interact directly with our team.

Search: We have added a new Search box to the top right in the header. The entire website is now searchable by keyword.


I hope you enjoy DT Global’s new and improved website! Let us know if we can do anything else to make it easier to learn about our programs and the work our team does every day to improve lives around the world.