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Our Story

DT Global launched in 2019 — with 60+ years of experience from our legacy companies — to create impact, transform lives, and partner for a better world.
DT Global is shaping a future where sustainable development and innovation empower individuals, communities, and nations. We work in partnership with local stakeholders to foster inclusive prosperity, social equity, and environmental stewardship. Our global team of 2,500 staff and experts work in over 90 countries to solve complex problems in the peacebuilding, governance, economic development, environment, and human development sectors. With a track record of technical excellence and more than 60 years of international development experience and relationships, we deliver innovative solutions that transform lives.
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Values & Culture

DT Global is a values-driven company. To us, values are more than just words on a page. They are the driving force behind every decision we make, from the most senior leadership positions to entry-level staff. As a global firm operating across continents and time zones, we value Integrity and Collaboration in everything we do. We make business decisions based on our commitment to Civility; Innovation; Learning & Adaptation; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility; and Technical Excellence.
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DT Global Family

We are pioneering a new way of doing business. Owned by a charitable trust and in partnership with a not-for-profit organization, DT Global represents a new model for development.

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Our People

At DT Global, we prioritize our people and work hard to ensure that all our global staff feel connected to the DT Global Family.

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Profit for Purpose

DT Global is doing development differently. We are a global international development firm, majority owned by a charitable trust and working alongside the non-profit organization founded by the trust, DT Institute. Our structure reaffirms our commitment to Profit for Purpose. Our decisions are driven by a desire to leverage our assets (including our global staff, data, experience, past performance, and funding) and the relationships we’ve built to accelerate impact in the communities where we work.
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DT Global’s corporate policies ensure that we safeguard our staff and our partners while applying the highest ethical standards to all of our business decisions.
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We have over 2,500 talented staff and technical experts in every region of the world who work collaboratively to deliver seamless programming across continents, industries, and technical areas.
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