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What is a Framework Contract or IQC?

A Framework/IQC is a contract type used to ensure the rapid mobilization of high-quality technical expertise through all the phases of the project cycle, with a focus on identification, formulation, and evaluation. Framework Contracts are commonly used by the European Union/European Commission and the UK’s FCDO, and streamline procurement procedures and administrative burden by pre-selecting contractors who can then compete for specific projects within the overall contract.
DT Global has been a leader in Framework Contracts since 2005 through our legacy companies. We have a team of over 20 Framework Contract specialists working from our offices in Spain, the UK, and Poland — all specializing in Project Cycle and Project Management, and able to provide the rapid response and high quality implementation that makes our Framework Contract Unit a top contractor throughout Europe and the UK.
DT Global implements Framework Contracts globally across a wide range of sectors, including Public Finance Management, Infrastructure, Energy, Digitalization, Democracy and Electoral Support, Innovative Financing, and Public Administration Reform.

The Framework Contracts/IQCs currently held by DT Global are:

Services for the Implementation of External Aid 2018 (SIEA 2018)
Lot 1: Rural Development (as partners)
Lot 2: Infrastructure, Urban Development, Trade, Employment (as leaders)
Lot 4: Social Inclusion, Health, and Development (as partners)
Lot 5: Public Finance Management (as Leaders)
Lot 6: Innovative Financing (as Leaders)
EVA 2020 for Strategic Evaluations
SADC 2020
AFD Lot 2: Capacity Building on State Reform 2023
Framework Agreement to Support the European Investment Bank Advisory Services (EIBAS) Activities Inside and Outside EU-28; Lot 3: Sustainable Mobility
Multiple Framework Agreements to Support European Investment Bank Advisory Services Activities Inside and Outside EU-27; Lot 6: Bio-economy
Electoral Observation Missions Lot 1: Election Observation Mission and Assessment Team Missions
Electoral Observation Missions Lot 2: Exploratory Missions, Expert Missions, Follow-up and Complementary Activities
Framework Contract Events 2020
FCDO-funded Global Evaluation and Monitoring Framework Agreement (GEMFA) Lot 1
UNICEF: Long Term Agreement (LTA) Communications 4 Development Technical Services
FCDO-funded Conflict, Security and Stability Fund (CSSF) 3 Lots 1 & 2
Green Climate Fund: External Review of Concept Note and Funding Proposals under the Simplified Approval Process and Project Preparation Facility