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DT Global launched in 2019 and brings with it decades of technical expertise and local partnerships through legacy companies AECOM International Development’s Services Sector, Development Transformations, IMC Worldwide, and Cardno International Development — all culminating in a diverse, experienced, innovative global team able to advance our ambitious goals. Today, we operate as One DT Global to improve lives around the world in partnership with our clients, stakeholders, and the communities in which we work. Learn more below about the journey we took to get here.
DT Global’s 2,500 staff and experts work in partnership with our clients and stakeholders in over 90 countries to deliver programs that change lives. We meet communities where they are on the development spectrum and help them move to where they want to be. Together, our goal is to positively impact 500 million lives by 2045.

We take this goal seriously. We define “positively impact” to mean enhancing the wellbeing, opportunities, and resilience of individuals, communities, and societies to overcome the root causes of social, economic, and environmental challenges so they can reach their full potential.

At DT Global, we get one step closer to this goal every day through our work in conflict prevention, stabilization, and transition; environment and infrastructure; governance; economic growth; and human development. We apply a culture of learning and innovation to programs, ensuring that the solutions we deliver are effective, inclusive, and sustainable. Our work is underpinned by a dedication to locally led development that prioritizes the knowledge and aspirations of the communities we serve.

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We have dedicated project offices in 30+ countries and over 2,500 talented staff and technical experts in every region of the world who work collaboratively to deliver seamless programming across continents, industries, and technical areas.
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