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Local data leads to local impact

Much of our work with international development organizations requires robust baseline analysis and ongoing progress metrics, which means we have the systems, connections to local evaluators, and methodologies to help you better understand the situation on the ground and to measure the outcomes of your programs. Our Learning & Innovation team has worked with clients around the world and is a key internal partner on our Commercial Advisory work.

Partnerships are critical

No single organization can solve the challenges facing people and the planet, which are complex and often interconnected. Building strong and sustainable alliances with industry partners, governments, NGOs, bilateral donors, and multilateral institutions is critical. Too often, partnerships are an afterthought and not a strategic tool for program development and management. They should be co-created with intention, a focus on governance, and a long-term sustainable mission. Our experts have built dozens of successful multistakeholder partners around the world and bring a strong focus on the process – and the benefits – of such partnerships.

Sustainability must be tied to core business

In today’s interconnected and increasingly complex world, it’s critical that ESG programs be tied into the core business. In other words, these initiatives are not “nice-to-have” but a core part of a business strategy. Profit and purpose are intricately intertwined. We take the time to understand your business, your supply chains, your customers, and your partners, then combine that with our knowledge of the local challenges, stakeholders, and partners.

We act with urgency

Like many around the world, we know that the time to act is now. We must all work together to solve the most important challenges facing people and the planet.