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DT Global is a key donor to DT Institute, an independent not-for-profit organization, in support of the Institute’s efforts to test new ideas and expand on donor partner priorities. In support of the DT Institute’s work to improve as many lives as possible, DT Global has reinvested over USD 6 million to date, which are used to further the Institute’s peace and development initiatives in more than 30 countries.

About DT Institute

DT Institute is a Washington DC-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization acting both as a funder and implementer. They implement complex global development programs in conflict, fragile, and closed environments. These programmatic activities are supported by research projects and pilot initiatives that aim to identify lessons learned from current programming and formulate new opportunities to generate and multiply impact. The Institute’s mission is to partner with communities and leaders to help build and preserve more resilient, equitable, inclusive, and democratic societies.

DT Global’s donations, as well as that of other funders, support DT Institute’s Impact Grants, which include the following five funds:

Leadership Accelerator Fund
Endemic and generational poverty are difficult barriers to break. We apply a market-based approach to increasing productivity and creating income-generating opportunities for the poor.
Peace and Stability Fund
Funds research and programs that identify, prevent, or counter drivers of radicalization, promote stability, and build lasting peace. The Fund supports civil society, activists, and other key stakeholders to conduct capacity-building training and design locally driven interventions.
Free & Independent Media Fund
Funds research and program activities that improve the quality and availability of news and information to strengthen societies’ resilience against disinformation.
Prosperity for all Fund
Supports research and program activities that advance economic opportunity for individuals and communities globally; we identify and fill funding gaps so that economies can support all people.
Clean World Fund
Supports activities that address environmental and climate change challenges that pose risks to global development.

DT Institute in Action

Below you will find examples of recent DT Institute impact grants – supported in part by the donations from DT Global.
Impact Grantee: CentarE8
A Belgrade-based youth organization founded in 2004, working with young people across Serbia. They are dedicated to engaging youth in the prevention of violence and particularly gender-based violence, democracy improvement, and freedom of media.
Country: Serbia
CentarE8 was awarded an impact grant under DT Institute’s Free and Independent Media fund in the summer of 2021. This project was designed to decrease the presence of toxic narratives in society and relax the hostile atmosphere in Serbia using transmedia storytelling methodology. As part of this effort, Centar E8 performed a play six times in Belgrade, produced a radio drama series, and conducted a social media campaign. After this impact grant, and as part of DT Institute’s efforts to expand its engagement with CentarE8, DT Institute organized the Serbian Pop Culture Challenge under the USAID-funded Civil Society Resilience Activity in Serbia program. The Pop Culture Challenge invited filmmakers, musicians, writers, and gamers to propose innovative ways to promote democratic values and human rights through pop-culture and new technologies. Acknowledging the various influences that effect decision making, the Challenge sought to address the values and emotions that underlay democracy and human rights with content-based solutions to counter disinformation and promote positive attitudes towards democracy and human rights.
Impact Grantee: Balkan Investigative Reporting Network BIRN
A network of non-governmental organizations promoting freedom of speech, human rights, and democratic values in Southern and Eastern Europe.
Country: Serbia
DT Institute is providing funds to BIRN Serbia under the Free and Independent Media fund to monitor the deployment of intrusive technologies project in 2023. BIRN aims to establish independent oversight on digital surveillance, AI, and other potentially intrusive digital technologies through quality media reporting. BIRN developed a methodology for monitoring public procurement for AI-driven surveillance, stories for journalistic investigation are outlined and workshops for local and national journalists were held. The project continues to provide in-depth reporting on the impact of such technologies on human rights and media freedoms in Serbia.
Impact Grantee: 10 local Ukrainian organizations, as part of project around Disinformation as a Human Rights Abuse in the Context of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Report
Country: Ukraine
The report, titled “Disinformation as a Human Rights Abuse in the Context of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine,” was prepared for Russia’s fourth cycle review under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) framework. UPR is a unique process which involves a review of the human rights records of all UN Member States in order to improve the human rights situation and address human rights violations. This submission for the 2023 UPR report was prepared by a consortium of ten Ukrainian organizations with the leadership and support of the DT Institute. The report analyzes the systemic use of disinformation and propaganda by Russia as a tool of hybrid warfare in Ukraine following the February 2022 full-scale invasion of the country.
Impact Grantee: Football for Peace
Based in UK, is at the forefront of using football to bring people, especially youth together.
Country: Nigeria
Football for Peace developed and run a four day training to fifty young participants from Nigeria under DT Institute’s Peace and Stability Fund. Held in Abuja, the training focused on enhancing the capacity of individuals and communities to transform conflict and build peace. This program is part of a larger initiative led by Football for Peace named the Young Peace Leaders program. The Young Peace Leaders initiative is about building community resilience and providing a sense of belonging to individuals, communities, families, while providing education and awareness about narratives that promote negative ideology and polarization.
Impact Grantee: N’Zarama Center for Peacebuilding
is a non-profit organization headquartered in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. It aims to address the urgent need for long-term evidenced-based policy approaches to achieving development goals and the consolidation of peace in Africa.
Country: Côte d’Ivoire
DT Institute, with its partner N’Zarama Center for Peacebuilding, implemented a project called “Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in Cote d’Ivoire by Strengthening the Capacity of Kings and Traditional Chiefs.” With support from the Peace and Stability Fund, this project focused on facilitating intergenerational dialogues between traditional leaders, youth, and women-led organizations in Cote d’Ivoire. As part of the program, N’Zarama Center conducted a three days workshop in the National Chamber of Kings and Traditional Chiefs to equip participants with new strategies, skills, and awareness to prevent, combat, and address extremist insurgencies in their local community.