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DT Global is excited to officially launch DT Global Commercial Advisory, a new business line that brings our decades of development experience and track record of engagement with various industry sectors to further help companies and organizations drive sustainability and social impact programs. With more

Did you know that in India, disputes related to state land acquisition have impacted nearly 7.7 million people, most of whom belong to vulnerable and economically weaker sections of society? Across 2021 and 2022, as a part of DT Global's role in the FCDO-funded Frontier Technologies Hub, I worked with

At DT Global, we’re proud to run the Better Futures CoLab with our consortium partner Brink. The Better Futures CoLab uses technology and data to build resilience to some of the world's biggest problems. Birthed out of our COVIDaction programme in 2020 and the challenges faced during the pandemic,

Sustainability and resilience are intrinsically linked. The pandemic brought this link into sharp focus by necessitating that supply networks be closer to the customer and consumer, causing shifts in sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. This new reality has accelerated efforts within companies to

DT Global has just launched two major projects for USAID and FDCO to build resilient economies through inclusive growth. Developing the business enabling environment in Zambia. In Zambia, the five-year USAID Business Enabling Project, implemented by DT Global, will emphasize gender equality and

Wrapped in her colorful Sudanese tobe and displaying a calm demeanor, Amna Mamoun carries a dark secret in a pink plastic bag by her side. With her calm voice and kind eyes, you would never imagine that she was trained to kill. “I was just an ordinary school child living a normal life and I was smart too.