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Program Development & Delivery

What we do

Too often, people think they can solve local challenges with solutions that worked elsewhere. However, just because a program or approach worked in one country, region, or community doesn’t mean it will work in others.

We take the best aspects of a program or approach then, using both qualitative and quantitative data and local knowledge, customise it to be relevant, measurable, and sustainable.

We are implementers of large-scale projects and programs. We have the people, systems, and relationships in place to ensure delivery excellence and the performance, compliance and improvements of contracted vendors and partners.

Our service offerings

Sustainability Programs

Shared value programs
Supply chain sustainability and traceability
Sustainability reporting
Partner and channel development

Economic Growth Programs

Regional and economic development programs
Community development programs
Resettlement implementation and livelihoods programs

Stakeholder Engagement Programs

Community and civil society engagement
Generating “license to operate”
Policy engagement
Management of mis/disinformation
Independent assurance

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