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Cultural Commitments

DT Global is a values-driven company. us, values are more than just words on a page. They are the driving force behind every decision we make, from the most senior leadership positions to entry-level staff.

As a global firm operating across continents and time zones, we value Integrity and Collaboration in everything we do. We make business decisions based on our commitment to:


We are humble and always learning. We give and receive feedback to grow ourselves and our team, both personally and professionally.

Adapt & Create

We adapt to change and seek creative solutions to the challenges we face. We apply what we learn to improve ourselves and the business.

One Team

We are inclusive, collaborative, and open-minded. We solicit diverse contributions and perspectives, communicate clearly and directly, and place our team's objectives ahead of our own.


As a people first organization, we support our staff and assume positive intent in others as we interact. We actively listen, empathize and treat each other with kindness and compassion.

Own It

We accept responsibility for our words, commitments, actions, work and results.