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Andre Steele

Director of Operations
DT Global United Kingdom
Technical Areas of Expertise
Infrastructure Delivery
Water Treatment and Supply
Water Resource Management
Basic Italian
PhD in Post Emergency Recovery, University of Surrey
Master of Civil Engineering, University of Surrey
Bachelor of Civil Engineering, University of Surrey

Andre is Director of Operations at DT Global UK, based in London. He has over 15 years of experience in engineering, international development, and humanitarian response, with a focus on the water sector including water supply, sanitation, and water resource management. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer with the UK Institute of Civil Engineers and has core engineering skills in design, including in geotechnics, structures, and drainage.

Andre has delivered large scale infrastructure projects, including the FCDO Rehabilitation of Freetown’s Water Supply System, a design and build project to upgrade critical infrastructure across the city. He has worked for a variety of clients, including FCDO, World Bank, GCF, MFAT and a number of NGOs including Save the Children, GOAL and Oxfam. Andre has worked across Africa, South Asia, and South East Asia.

Andre’s early career was spent in disaster relief, working as a Public Health Engineer, responding to major disasters and supporting affected people with access to water, sanitation, and good hygiene. In 2008 he responded to Cyclone Nargis and ran a water supply programme supply 60,000 people across the Irrawaddy Delta. He responded to the Haiti Earthquake in 2010 and worked in relief in South Sudan, Syria, Ethiopia, and Uganda. As a RedR member, he continues to be active in the humanitarian sector.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

Knowing that the work I do has an impact. Success in our work enhances resilience, delivers infrastructure that gives people a platform on which to develop and grow socially and economically. It really is great knowing that my work can tangibly improve the lives of others.

What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends?

I love the outdoors. I run (always on trails) and love getting out on long-distance, cross-country routes. I used to climb, traveling to seek out new crags to play on and loving getting high up the mountains. I’ve done big, long-distance hiking, including some of the great trails across New Zealand, and across Europe. I’ll jump at anything that gets me out in the outdoors, away from the daily grind, clear the mind and burn some energy, I’m there. Now with a young family, I can’t wait to get my kids out there too.