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José María Pascual

Financial Director
DT Global Europe
Technical Areas of Expertise
Hogeschool Rotterdam, Bachelor of Business Administration BBA
European Business Program, Bachelor of Business Administration BBA
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Master in Economics and International Business
PDG IESE Business School

José María Pascual has more than 22 years of experience in Finance Departments at different multinational companies. He has gained particular experience with companies acquired by Private Equity firms such as Nordic Capital, Blackstone, or Magnun Industrial Partners up until, in certain cases, the demanded exit of the investment by the Private Equity firm. José has been CFO in the last 6 years in leading companies on the servicing of Real Estate and NPL sector while working for Intrum Servicing Spain (Nordic Capital) and Aliseda (Blackstone). Also of note, José spent 2 years as Deputy General Management in Kyocera expanding his negotiating and management abilities.

José considers as very inspiring his time as head of the Institutional, Social, and Economic Development of Eptisa, working with multilateral agencies like EU, Sweco, World Bank, and USAID amongst others. José helped this division grow and gain experience in the Cooperation World which has enriched his eagerness to always to help others through his work. Most of his work during this time was complemented by the PDG General Management program at IESE Executive Management Program which turned his career focus to more business-oriented issues.

José has outstanding communication skills and an ability to merge smooth and proactive interaction with other key functional areas of the organizations. He follows a positive and constructive feedback management style in all situations. He has an ability to lead, motivate, and coordinate highly qualified teams in order to achieve the professional goals of the organization, and holds a positive attitude towards the achievement of the different goals of the company. He has an analytic rationale and approach to problem solving with strong professional ethics towards the company’s global goals.