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Tania Gómez Carrión

Head of Governance Unit
DT Global Europe
Technical Areas of Expertise
Public Administration/Reform
Rule of Law
Human Rights
Carlos III University (Madrid), Double major degree in Law and Economics
La Sorbonne (Paris), Erasmus Economics Scholarship
SOAS-University of London. Msc in Public Policy Management
ICADE University (Madrid), Postgraduate Studies on Economic Intelligence and Public Affairs

Tania brings more than 10 years of experience in the provision of consulting services and technical assistance to public and private clients, underpinned by her understanding and knowledge of European policies and different EU funding mechanisms. She began her career as a Project Officer at the International Organisation for Migration (UN) in London, and went on to work for a variety of humanitarian-related organisations in Spain, including UNICEF, Spanish Commission for Refugees, and Club de Madrid. In all those organisations she played different roles, bringing her a profound comprehension and expertise on research as well as programme implementation work in a wide array of analytics and thematics. Later, Tania took on roles at a Public Affairs firm and an international consultancy firm, ECORYS, where she positively contributed to several projects on EU-27 Territorial Cooperation with a particular focus on Social Affairs. Follwoing this work, Tania took a position as Project Manager at FIIAPP Spanish Government entity managing an EU-funded Delegated Project at the Justice and Home Affairs division leading Spanish cooperation, along with other public agents of European Cooperation such as GIZ (Germany), DCAF (Switzerland), NI-CO (Ireland) and Civipole (France).

Three years ago, she joined DT Global Europe as part of the Government Unit Business Development Team where she has supported the identification and bidding preparation of multi-million dollar EU projects and opportunities in a wide range of different topics and geographies.

What’s your favorite place of all the places you’ve travelled?

This one is easy: the best place of the world for me is any spot on the Uruguayan coast, between Montevideo and the Brazilian border. You can stop anywhere from Punta Diablo to Cabo Polonio, with no electric light during the evening to hear the clash of ocean waves, the desertic sand dunes, and enjoy a 5-hour lunch ASADO with the family. As simple as that.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The best pieces of (personal/professional) advice I have ever been given are:

  • Try to do the tiniest things the best you can. Take care of all details even though you think you are capable of greater things. Only when you are truly ready, the next step will come.
  • If you feel a problem coming, like the animals in the Savanna, try to skirt it to see all the dimension before facing it. You need to have the global picture in order to identify the real problem and re-think the solution.
  • If you have to make a difficult decision in life or your career, you have to be honest and courageous with your feelings. The bad decision will be the one you take just in case you regret it. But the good decision is the one that will allow you to sleep at night and proudly look your children and family in the eyes.