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Lebanon: Managing Safe Debris and Waste Removal in Beirut

Technical Services to Support the Waste Management Component of the Beirut Port Explosion


The massive Port of Beirut explosion in August 2020 devastated Beirut city, killing at least 217 people, wounding more than 6,000 and displacing around 300,000 people. In addition to causing extensive damage to the port, the explosion damaged homes and businesses and disrupted the city’s economic activity. In addition, the explosion created multiple environmental challenges resulting from chemical and hazardous waste release. This led to the generation of various waste streams with an estimated 320,000 tons of building demolition waste, 1,200 tons of hazardous waste (including asbestos material), 170 tons of electronic waste, 500 scrapped vehicles and four severely damaged sea vessels anchored at the port. In addition, the reconstruction of damaged buildings generated an estimated 900,000 tons of construction debris.


As part of the Beirut Critical Environment Recovery, Restoration and Waste Management Programme, DT Global is providing technical advice in the management of the large volumes of debris waste across affected areas, especially on handling hazardous waste. The project provides a full suite of material testing to identify hazardous materials within debris stockpiles, develops options for the safe disposal of waste which are fully costed, and provides technical advice for decision-making. Once solutions are agreed, DT Global will develop safe waste treatment and disposal procedures based on international best practice, undertake the design of selected disposal site(s), and provide procurement support to identify the most suitable company to construct disposal facilities.

Once waste disposal facilities have been developed, DT Global will provide hazardous waste management, transportation, treatment, and disposal protocols and will monitor implementation of these best practice methods to ensure safe handling and storage of dangerous materials.

Goals and Results

Through this project, DT Global will support the physical and economic recovery of the city of Beirut from the huge destruction caused by the chemical explosion in the Port of Beirut. In doing so, we will:

  • Support the safe removal of debris and solid waste from temporary storage sites across the port and city.
  • Design debris and hazardous waste disposal facilities to internationally agreed standards.
  • Support the procurement of suitably qualified companies to construct disposal facilities.
  • Monitor the safe transport and disposal of hazardous materials.
2023 - 2024
Implemented by
DT Global UK
World Bank
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