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South Africa: Supporting Financial Management in the Public Sector

Technical Assistance team for the Continuous Capacity Development in Financial Management Improvement Programme, phase III in South Africa (FMIP III)


The Financial Management Improvement Programme, phase III (FMIP III) was launched in 2012 to support the Government’s Capacity Development Strategy. It’s main objective was to address the financial management constraints of the Public Sector in South Africa, while the goal of the project was to develop the Public Financial Management (PFM) capacity of national, provincial, and local governments in order to contribute to an overall improved financial performance from the government of South Africa.


The project’s main activities included:

  • Developed and maintained an enabling PFM institutional environment within the three spheres of Government.
  • Enhanced organizational PFM capacity within the three spheres of Government.
  • Empowered and sustained a corps of competent and committed PFM employees throughout the three spheres of government.
  • Developed an environment to sustain mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships within the PFM domain.
  • Increased PFM capacity within Provincial and Local Government

Goals and Results

Project accomplishments included:

  • Held two PFM conferences: DT Global organized two public financial management conferences. The first Conference was held in 2016, and due to its success in the South African public sector, a second was held in May 2018. These conferences were used as a platform to share experiences, build knowledge, and promote good practices in Public Financial Management across the three layers of public administration. More than 600 delegates travelled from across the whole country to participate in the conference. PFM practitioners from other African countries, New Zealand, Japan or Swaziland came to share their experiences and knowledge.
  • Supported Masters Program: Supported the first Masters in Public Sector Accounting in South Africa. The Master’s started in 2015 and is held at the College of Accounting in the University of South Africa.
  • Launched e-learning Platform: Launched the GRAP (General Recognized Accounting Practice) e-learning platform where public finance courses are offered
  • Provided several trainings on Public finances, Monitoring and Evaluation for public administration officials.
  • Organized study tours in Spain and Colombia.
2012 - 2018
Implemented by
DT Global Europe
South Africa
European Commission
Technical Areas
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