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Indonesia: Establishment of Integrated Road Asset Management Systems

Integrated Road Asset Management Systems and Data Collection (IRAMS-DC)


The Indonesian national road network has grown significantly in recent years. Currently, an important part of the annual roads budget is used to maintain the existing national road network through routine maintenance, periodic maintenance, major rehabilitation, and reconstruction activities. The Directorate General of Highways (DGH) has identified that its project delivery, which includes maintenance of existing roads and construction of new roads, is sub-optimal. Some of the main causes for this sub-optimal road network performance include poor value for money in infrastructure delivery, institutional capacity constraints, and lack of a systems approach.


This activity aims to support the DGH in establishing sustainable asset management processes, including data warehouse and data mining, adopting decision-making tools, and improving project delivery through the development of effective and efficient work plans. The intended outcome of the activity is to maximize value for money by maintaining roads at an ideal level of service within available budgets.

Tasks under this activity are divided into four sub-activities. These sub-activities include supporting:

  1. Sub National Road Asset Management System
  2. Strategic Asset Management System
  3. System Integration and Data Collection
  4. Data Management Reform

Goals and Results

The goals envisioned in IRAMS-DC include:

  • Data Collection reform, including better data collection techniques, management and quality control.
  • Data Management improvement through the establishment of a well configured single central database.
  • Development of a national Strategic Analysis capability through the implementation of an AgileAssets based platformm
  • Consolidation of a regional level Forward Works Programming, enhancing the programming and budgeting of the annual and medium-term expenditure programs.
2018 - 2020
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