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Indonesia: Support for Procurement Assessments and Verification Activities

Verification and Technical Assessment Support Consultant (VTASC)


The government of Indonesia has prioritized infrastructure development, especially roads, and continues to do so in their current medium-term national development plan. Subnational roads are not in a good condition and poorly maintained roads can hinder economic development and growth. Well maintained roads serve vital economic and social interests and are a necessary precurser to a thriving economy and society.


Through VTASC, DT Global will support technical teams in the Government of Indonesia to conduct technical assessments, procurement assessments, and verification activities. This will include training and mentoring of national counterpart entities, helping contractors, supervising consultants, and assisting regions in the improvement of construction quality. DT Global is conducting joint verification assessments with the Technical Team in the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPW&H) and some national consulting firms engaged by the Government of Indonesia. Gradually, DT Global’s role will shift to oversight and quality assurance, whereby trained counterparts and local consultants will take precedence.

Goals and Results

VTASC ensures that funding to regional government is subject to independent and robust technical assessments. Five main task areas currently in progress include:

  • Procurement Assessment for all contracts in relation to compliance with the goods and service procurement process;
  • Verification of the Institutional Incentive outputs of each region;
  • Technical Assessments of works carried out;
  • Calculation of reimbursement value of maintenance works based on technical assessments of their quality, and;
  • Capacity building for Technical Teams, regional staff, and national consultants.
2019 - 2021
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