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Companies conducting business in emerging markets require contextualised and actionable information to help their businesses, partners, and communities thrive.

DT Global works on the ground to help you understand the political challenges, market drivers, environmental factors and cultural considerations - giving you the data that you need to drive impact.

Our Service Offerings

Landscape Assessment

• Political landscape
• Operational risk
• Workforce readiness
• Stakeholder mapping
• Rapid appraisal
• Options analysis

Data & Information Analysis

• Baseline data collection and MIS
• Business modeling
• Environmental and social risk modeling
• Political monitoring
• Impact measurement

Business Readiness and Assurance

• Environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA)
• Human rights impact assessments (HRIA)
• Population attribute analysis

Our Work in Action

Kenya Environmental Assessment: Multinational Oil Company
• Assisted multinational oil company to verify regulatory compliance
• Determined social impacts of future development
• Built environmental and social risk framework for targeted areas

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