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Strategy and Partnership Development

Commercial Advisory
Solving the biggest challenges of our time requires collaboration across sectors. Organisations too often try to “go it alone” when addressing social, environmental, and economic challenges in the places they operate. Intentional, well structured, and effectively governed partnerships offer an opportunity to leverage the strengths and resources of multiple stakeholders.

DT Global takes a long view in designing partnerships that are inclusive, built with deliberate intent, and sustainable.

Our Service Offerings

Partnership Analysis and Strategy

• Partnership landscape assessments
• Customized collaboration models
• Regional development strategies
• Internal capacity building

Partnership Design and

• Process definition
• Workshop facilitation
• Pre-competitive and peer partnership 

Partnership Management

• Stakeholder engagement and 
• Secretariat management
• Governance systems
• Conflict resolution

Our Work in Action

Egypt: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development
• Conducted ecosystem assessment
• Linked 1,700+ entrepreneurs with incubators, which led to more than 1,200 launching or improving their business
• Generated US $2 million in new investment for more than 200 entrepreneurs

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