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New conflicts bring a rising tide of human tragedy, including new waves of war’s oldest, most silenced, and least condemned crime – sexual violence. Conflict-related sexual violence, whether against women, girls, men, or boys continues to be used as a tactic of war, torture, and terrorism, and within communal

On September 21 we celebrate the annual International Day of Peace, a UN observance day that calls on all of us to strengthen peace and end violence. This year, the day recognizes the role that racism plays in stoking conflict and sowing instability. Elisabeth Dallas, DT Global’s Vice President for Conflict

September 15 marks the International Day of Democracy, and this year, the day highlights the role that press freedom plays in protecting peace and democracy. In the face of increasing mis/disinformation, clear, accurate, and independent media is a crucial tool for citizens to make informed decisions. To mark

Wrapped in her colorful Sudanese tobe and displaying a calm demeanor, Amna Mamoun carries a dark secret in a pink plastic bag by her side. With her calm voice and kind eyes, you would never imagine that she was trained to kill. “I was just an ordinary school child living a normal life and I was smart too.

In a society where men are expected to be strong, admitting your emotional scars can be considered weak, feminine and even cowardly but across Darfur that is slowly changing as communities embrace their experiences and find healing, acceptance and resilience. Following over a decade of war,