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Published on August 14th, 2023

Kosovo’s Prefab Homes Industry Makes Its Mark in International Markets

Data from Kosovo Customs reveals a remarkable 126% increase in exports of Kosovo-made prefab homes over the past two years, with exports exceeding €8.2 million in 2022 alone.

In recent years, prefabricated (prefab) homes have gained popularity worldwide as a modern construction approach emphasizing efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Recognizing the potential for growth in this sector, Kosovo entrepreneurs have embraced the demand and emerged as promising players in the prefab homes industry. Notably, according to data from Kosovo Customs, exports of Kosovo-made prefab homes have increased by 126% in the last two years, where in the year 2022 alone, exports exceeded €8.2 million. The robust growth in prefab home exports demonstrates Kosovo’s improving reputation as a competitive player in the international markets.

To further support the sector, the USAID Kosovo Compete Activity, implemented by DT Global, is facilitating local prefab companies to expand to new export markets through participation in international trade fairs. This year, Kosovo prefab home manufacturers participated for the first time in key international prefab homes fairs such as, the World of Prefab 2023 held in the U.S., and the Zagreb Home Expo in Croatia. Through these fairs, Kosovo’s prefab companies showcased their innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship, and exposed themselves to completely new markets.

“We’ve participated in many fairs and exhibitions across Europe, however, we have never seen such a surge of interested parties to concretely talk about potential projects,” said Nazmi Mehmetaj, Sales Director at prefab building manufacturer Greenhouse. Their exhibitions not only attracted a lot of attention, but more importantly, resulted in potential export deals.


“I would have never believed that we could negotiate a contract of 37 houses with a potential client that we met for just 10 minutes during the expo,” said Ridvan Raimi, Executive Director of Eco Hause, who participated in the Zagreb Home Expo in Croatia. Both Greenhouse and Eco Hause are currently negotiating deals for over 100 prefab units, mainly targeting the tourism industry in Croatia.

The exposure gained from these events has helped Kosovo’s prefab companies build relationships with international buyers, developers, and distributors. Through face-to-face interactions and demonstrations, they have successfully instilled confidence in potential partners, showcasing the quality, durability, and efficiency of their products. As the prefab homes industry continues to grow globally, Kosovo’s participation in international fairs will remain vital in order to keep pace with industry trends, innovations, sustainable practices, and solidify its position in the international market. The continued support from USAID Kosovo Compete Activity will play a pivotal role in nurturing and expanding the prefab homes sector, empowering local companies to thrive in a competitive global landscape.