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Published on May 30th, 2023

DT Global Continues Our Journey to Reconciliation

In 2020-21, DT Global APAC began the important process of creating a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to advance meaningful action toward reconciliation in our workplace.

As a values-based organisation that prioritises diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, having a RAP embedded into our workplace operations is a crucial step toward respectful reconciliation with the First Nations People of Australia.

The RAP also promotes tangible benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, by increasing economic equity and supporting First Nations’ self-determination.

However, creating a Reconciliation Australia-endorsed RAP is only the beginning part of the journey.


On the journey toward reconciliation

There are four RAP types: Reflect, Innovate, Stretch, and Elevate, with each iteration allowing for the continuous development of our reconciliation commitments.

Mark Deards, DT Global’s Head of People and Culture, said while having a RAP was an important first step for the organisation, more work is required for the RAP to be fully realised.

“It is an important organisational achievement for DT Global to have a functioning Reconciliation Action Plan, but we are only part way through the process. Presently, we are finalising our Innovate RAP, and there is plenty more we can do to improve our steps toward reconciliation.”

“The innovate phase of our RAP runs for two years and is a chance for us to define how we will achieve DT Global’s vision for reconciliation in our workplace, but it is also an opportunity for our employees to think about how they can make changes in their own personal lives as well.”

“This important phase is where we put our RAP into action. We have committed to strengthening our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and to spend more time engaging with our staff both in Australia and overseas about our rich Indigenous history and why reconciliation is so important.

“We are also looking at how we can pilot new strategies that engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their voices and businesses, and provide more opportunities to work together in our workplace,” he said.


Where to next?

As part of our pledge for continuous improvement in this space, DT Global has assembled a dedicated RAP Group made up of representatives from all parts of the organisation, that regularly meet to discuss ways to raise more awareness around the reconciliation process and communicate it to the workplace.

The Innovate RAP is a working document that will later evolve into the Stretch and Elevate Phases of the RAP as we progress our reconciliation commitments and better support our First Nations People in our workplace.

As an organisation, DT Global is committed to listening and learning from our First Nations People, hearing new perspectives, ensuring their representation in our work, and actively seeking opportunities to change our systems and processes to promote reconciliation.


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