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We are pioneering a new way of doing business, starting with a unique structure where GPD Charitable Trust is the principal owner of DT Global.
To fulfill its profit-for-purpose mission, DT Global is a key donor to the DT Institute, an independent not-for-profit organization, in support of DTI’s efforts to test new ideas or expand on donor partner priorities with the aim to improve as many lives as possible. Together, the DT Global family transforms lives around the world.
DT Global
International development consultancy and thought leader. Offering technical assistance and on-the-ground support in more than 90 countries.
GPD Charitable Trust
GPD supports collaborative initiatives championing civic engagement, thought leadership, and the development of transformational leaders capable of making a difference in their communities.
DT Institute
A non-profit specializing in strategic research and development assistance through cooperative agreements and grants.

Join DT Global and help us in our effort to positively impact 500 million lives by 2045!

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