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DEIA Statement

Purpose and Scope

DT Global works in more than 90 countries around the world and our people come from a range of backgrounds. We embrace the diversity of our people and are committed to an inclusive culture which values diversity of thought, opinion and background, and where employees are provided with equal access to opportunities. This diversity enriches the culture of our company.

This policy has been adopted by DT Global to continue to drive a culture across the organization to support and foster diversity, inclusion and flexibility in the way we work and how we do business. This includes fostering an environment free from discrimination, harassment, vilification or victimization.

This policy applies to all DT Global employees, sub-contractors/consultants and volunteers, as well as partners, and associates of consultants.

Policy Statement

Diversity and Inclusion at DT Global means we recognize and respect qualities which are unique to
individuals such as gender, language, cultural background and ethnicity, age, religion, disability, marital, family or relationship status, sexual orientation and gender identity. DT Global believes in treating all people with dignity and respect.

DT Global workplaces are respectful, inclusive and value the diversity of our employees and the
communities we operate within. Our approach to diversity and inclusion is genuine and embedded in
our culture and everything we do. Our culture is inclusive providing an environment where everyone
feels respected and valued and is able to fully contribute their unique abilities, qualities, skills and
perspectives. Inclusion promotes diversity of thought, engages our people and drives innovation.

At DT Global we believe that inclusion is harnessing our diverse workforce to work together effectively, where people are respected, connected, progressing and contributing to organizational success. We recognize the important role leaders play in creating an inclusive culture and building inclusive teams where everyone of our people feel they belong, are valued and respected and can speak up.


We will strive to leverage the full potential of all our people and create a culture that both values and
benefits from quality, diversity and inclusion. We will embrace differences and value individuality.
DT Global commits to:

  • Develop attraction strategies to encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for positions with DT Global ensuring a diverse pool of candidates;
  • Ensure that all candidates are evaluated based on merit in the selection process;
  • Continue to improve on strategies, programs, policies and guidelines that provide access to employment opportunities, professional development and career opportunities;
  • Ensure accessibility to flexible work and leave options;
  • Continue to ensure pay equity;
  • Ensure no barriers to participation in all levels of our workforce including senior management roles for all employees;
  • Continue to comply with, and aim to exceed, our regulatory obligations in relation to equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion;
  • Maintain a safe work environment that does not condone inappropriate workplace and business behavior, including discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimization, and vilification;
  • Induction for new employees introducing them to the company policies, culture, and expected standards of behaviors.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of all employees to respect the rights of others and never get involved in
or encourage inappropriate behavior. It is the responsibility of all employees to address or report
any behavior’s prohibited by this policy.
Managers and Supervisors:
  • Demonstrate an active commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace;
  • Support and promote this policy promoting the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace;
  • Lead by example and set clear and appropriate standards of behaviour at work ensuring that employees are treated justly and fairly;
  • Provide employees with equal opportunity to for available jobs, flexible work arrangements and equal access to relevant training and development opportunities;
  • Monitor the workplace for inappropriate behaviour and take steps to prevent unacceptable conduct or to end it quickly if it occurs;
  • Ensure selection processes are transparent and the methods used are consistent; and
  • Provide all employees with equal access to fair, prompt and confidential processes to deal with complains and grievances.
  • Be familiar with this policy and encourage other employees to familiarise themselves;
  • Complete any training provided by the company;
  • Demonstrate appropriate and acceptable standards of conduct at all times;
  • Respect cultural, physical and social differences amongst colleagues and clients; and
  • Treat people fairly and respectfully.
Reporting Concerns
If you believe there has been a breach of this Policy, raise this with your manager or manager’s
manager or your HR Representative.

Reports may be made to the DT Global Ethics Hotline using the phone, email, mail, URL or QR
code (available on printed collateral). The DT Global Ethics Hotline reporting options are set out in
the table below:

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