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Cara Gettridge

Vice President, People and Culture
DT Global United States

Cara Gettridge is a Human Resources and Operations Executive with over 25 years of experience. Her passion is people. Driven by staff engagement and finding innovative ways to build culture, Cara enjoys empowering employees and developing leaders at all levels. Currently, Cara is the Vice President for People and Culture at DT Global US, an international development organization that focuses on improving the capability, capacity, and effectiveness of development programming in complex global environments. At DT Global, Cara is responsible for providing strategic guidance and leadership for all aspects of human resources. Additionally, Cara has established a vision and direction for high-touch HR programs, policies, and services to serve DT Global’s diverse US-based and international workforce.

Prior to working at DT Global, Cara served 20 years at the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), starting off in the role of Administrative Analyst and growing with the organization to become Acting Chief of Operations and Management. In this role, Cara led eight teams encompassing 50+ employees and provided a range of rapid response human resources, administrative, and operations services. She was also instrumental in creating the HR structure, developing recognition programs and building a strong culture for OTI staff around the world. Cara has received numerous awards for her exceptional work from USAID and OTI, including an OTI Lifetime achievement award.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

In HR, I get to work with everyone and partner on a little bit of everything, which keeps my job exciting.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Keep it simple! You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to touch someone’s heart.

If you were doing something else besides this, what would it be?

I’d be running my own diner. People and food – that’s my thing!