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Economic Growth

DT Global’s Economic Growth practice works with the public and private sectors to champion policies that transform communities while increasing sustainable economic opportunities.

Equitable economic growth can improve lives, drive development, and alleviate poverty in rural and urban areas. DT Global’s Economic Growth practice champions policies that transform the economic environment at the local, regional, and national levels while creating sustainable economic opportunities for communities and businesses. Combined with effective infrastructure, a strong legal framework, and well-functioning markets, strong policy creates an environment that spurs private enterprise growth and expands employment opportunities. Supporting both the public and private sectors, DT Global’s services span a broad range of technical areas, from enterprise development and economic governance, to trade and market expansion, to the creation of a stronger business enabling environment.

We support locally-driven, market-oriented solutions to build enterprise, promote sound policies, and capitalize on opportunities for lasting change and sustainable economic growth.

DT Global’s technical assistance programs strengthen regulatory systems, reform public administration, and modernize financial sectors by establishing and enforcing critical market-supporting institutions. Our economic governance specialists provide capacity building services to government institutions, including economy and finance ministries, treasury offices, tax and auditing departments, national statistics institutes, and export and investment bodies. We help governments, business representatives, and lawyers to reform commercial laws and regulations, targeting policy constraints and offering solutions. By offering training to government, legal, and private sector actors on the application of commercial laws, we facilitate legal implementation. We also help government institutions to improve efficiency around business-related policy implementation to reduce bottlenecks and improve the overall enabling environment.

DT Global works with the private sector—including small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME)—around the globe to increase private sector growth, enhance competitiveness, and encourage economic participation. We provide tailored solutions to promote an enabling business environment and regulatory reform, enhance SME development and competitiveness, promote cluster development and value chains, and support entrepreneurship and innovation. We help firms become more productive through value-enhancing supply chains, greater compliance with international trade standards, and improved access to business support services and financial resources—enabling them to improve efficiency, access new markets, and increase profitability. We also offer extensive support to Public-Private Partnerships, including developing project pipelines, regulatory and policy reviews, support to procurement and project bankability, transaction advisory work, and performance monitoring.

DT Global works with development partners and governments on their integration into the international and regional trading and investment system. Our team champions policy and legislative reforms, procedural and technical improvements, and capacity development to ensure long-term sustainability. Our experts specialize in trade facilitation and export promotion, trade policy, negotiation, implementation and monitoring of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements (free trade agreements, association agreements, and economic partnership agreements), foreign investment, quality infrastructure, and technical barriers to trade. We advise governments on compliance with international standards and international trade agreements in order to achieve greater connection of markets, strengthen market linkages, and expand export and investment opportunities across sectors.

DT Global works to improve the social and economic well-being of people living in rural areas of the world, through the development of the agriculture sector and economic activities that increase and diversify sources of income and sustain livelihoods. Our team collaborates with local stakeholders to develop and implement programs that foster enterprise growth, employment, and stability. Our work provides assistance for farmers and entrepreneurs, supports cash-for-work community infrastructure initiatives, and delivers vocational education programs that teach critical skills to vulnerable groups. We work with local partners to remove barriers to economic participation, rehabilitate critical market-supporting infrastructure, promote a business enabling environment, and build administrative capacity to manage change. We support land management and reform, agriculture policy, development of agricultural value chains and access to markets, extension services, smart agriculture, livestock development, fisheries and aquaculture, and nutrition and food security programs.

Tourism and culture are two important sources of economic growth for many developing countries. DT Global is experienced in the design and implementation of strategic plans and programs to improve tourism promotion, support the development of creative industries as a source of employment generation and economic diversification, and preserve cultural heritage around the world. We provide a full suite of tourism and hospitality support, from strategic planning and feasibility studies to developing tourism master plans for public and private entities. Our team supports the development of creative industries such as visual art, cinema, music, theatre, and handicrafts, and we’re actively working with countries to rebuild their tourism industry post-Covid. We cooperate with stakeholders and local communities to protect and promote cultural diversity and foster intercultural dialogue.

DT Global works with rural communities to improve agriculture, food security, health, education, climate resilience, natural resource management, and economic futures. We provide technical assistance at the national and local levels to review and implement pro-poor policies, regulatory frameworks, and practices that support rural livelihoods while sustainably using and protecting natural resources. We promote rural economic development through market analysis and expansion; rural access to finance; value chain assessments; agricultural, horticultural, and cultural export promotion; and direct technical assistance to rural farmers, fishers, and small business owners. We support enabling policy work at a rural level and build local stakeholder and service provider capacity. By developing indigenous handicraft industries, and entrepreneurship in rural areas, we support employment of marginalized groups while preserving the historic, cultural, and ecological profiles of rural regions. Our team provides government and local community support to rural water and sanitation work, including building or rehabilitating rural water systems and maintenance systems to ensure sustainable safe water and sanitation.

Our Work in Economic Growth

ACP: Supporting the Cultural and Creative Sectors

2019 - 2022

Africa: Boosting Infrastructure and EU-Africa Economic Partnership

2019 - 2022

Algeria: Diversifying the Economy

2017 - 2020

Algeria: Supporting the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector

2015 - 2019

Burkina Faso: Supporting the Cultural Sector

2020 - 2023

Central America: Supporting Private Sector Development

2015 - 2019

Dominican Republic: Supporting the Development and Environment of SMEs

2016 - 2020

Ethiopia: Enhancing Socio-Economic Development Through Culture

2016 - 2020

Global: Financial and Programmatic Oversight of Global Fund Grant Programs

2013 - 2023

Indonesia: Supporting Strong, Sustainable, and Inclusive Economic Growth

2018 - 2026

Kosovo: Addressing market constraints to create scalable private sector development

2020 - 2025

Madagascar: Supporting the Private Sector

2014 - 2020

Nepal: Supporting the Agricultural Sector

2019 - 2022

Pacific Islands: Building Capacity to Access New Markets

2018 - 2022

Pacific Islands: Helping Businesses in the Pacific Recover From the Pandemic

2021 - 2024

Pacific Islands: Supporting a Landmark Development, Trade, and Investment Treaty

2022 - 2023

Pacific Islands: Supporting Private Sector Development

2017 - 2021

Serbia: Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Food Processing Industry

2017 - 2022

Somalia: Accelerating Economic Development for Marginalized Groups

2022 - 2027

Uganda: Strengthening Institutions and Agricultural Market Systems

2021 - 2026

Uzbekistan: Support for the Modernization of the Agriculture Sector

2020 - 2024

Zambia: Facilitating Inclusive and Gender-equitable Rural Economic Growth

2022 - 2027