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Caribbean: Integrating Climate Resilience Into the Caribbean Road Transport Sector

The Planning for the Integration of Climate Resilience in the Road Transport Sector


Across the Caribbean the transport sector is increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and natural hazards.


This project demonstrated how gender-sensitive climate and disaster resilience measures can be integrated into the road transport sector. Building on existing methods and tools, work was successfully carried out in Saint Lucia, Guyana, and Dominica on the following tasks:

  • Assessment of the vulnerability of key infrastructure and assets in the road by developing a Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of the road transport sector of each country.
  • Assessment of the adaptive capacity in the road transport agencies and other key institutions and recommendations for institutional strengthening.
  • Preparation of a climate resilient investment plan that included priority infrastructure investments and proposals and strategies to deliver the identified adaptation options.
  • Conducting gender-sensitive climate screening of relevant policies, plans, strategies, legal and regulatory framework in the sector and recommendations for integrating resilience.
  • Development of a road transport sector resilience index to measure the level of resilience in the sector that takes account of the level of vulnerability and existence of actions to prepare for and implement adaptation options.

The project delivered a series of awareness and training workshops to build the capacity of the Caribbean region on roads sector resilience assessment and climate resilience integration. These were aimed to members of parliament and officials from all the borrowing member countries of the Caribbean Development Bank as well as Bank staff.

Goals and Results

DT Global developed a package of materials to provide guidance, lessons learnt and technical notes to help practitioners and borrowing member countries in the region to roll-out our methodologies to other similar contexts. The workbook can be used for other borrowing member countries to lead a stakeholder participation process to measure the resilience of their transport networks as well as the capacity of their governments to take on board climate change principles. The final report for this project is here.

2017 - 2021
Implemented by
DT Global UK
Saint Lucia
Caribbean Development Bank
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