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Colombia: Supporting the Colombian Government to Implement the Peace Agreement

Asistencia Técnica al Fondo Fiduciario para Colombia de la Unión Europea


While the armed conflict in Colombia, spread out across six decades, was mostly concentrated in rural areas, its effects have been felt throughout the country. The impact of the conflict has deepened and widened the gaps between regions, affecting the effective enjoyment of rights, access to public goods and services (infrastructure, social development, healthcare, promotion of entrepreneurship, production and job opportunities), and access to and adequate use of natural resources. The Peace Agreement between the Government of Colombia and FARC seeks to put an end to half a century of armed confrontation and to promote elements that strengthen democracy, uplift rural areas, and guarantee rights and respect life for all Colombians.


The objective this Project is to provide effective and efficient management for the European Trust Fund (EUTF) as a cooperation instrument for peacebuilding in Colombia. The EUTF was created by the EU and is made up of 21 of its member states, plus the United Kingdom and Chile.

DT Global is supporting the EUTF to become a competent platform for supporting the implementation of the Peace Agreement via three fundamental areas: technical management; monitoring and evaluation; and visibility and strategic communication.

Goals and Results

Goals include:

Result 1: Technical Management

  • Ensure the presence of the Fund across Colombian territories and support dialogue with local partners, authorities, and civil society in the country's regions.
  • Contribute to the effective and efficient management of the Fund's 31 interventions.
  • Strengthen the conditions for the sustainability of the Fund's results and impact in the regions.

Result 2: Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Create an information and reporting system for the strategic and technical decision making of the Delegation.
  • Develop a strategy for knowledge generation and strategic capitalisation based on results that will guide future EU peace and reconciliation actions.

Result 3: Visibility and Strategic Communication

  • Contribute to the strategic communication and visibility of the contribution of the EU and its Member States to peacebuilding and the implementation of the Agreement.
  • Develop a communication strategy that articulates the Fund's purpose, messages, and pillars and is adapted to the different target groups that the Technical Assistance intends to reach.
2017 - 2024
Implemented by
DT Global Europe
European Commission
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