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Peacebuilding & Reconciliation

Conflict Prevention, Stabilization & Transition

DT Global works with local communities amid, or emerging from, conflict to strengthen social cohesion and increase their resilience to violence.

We work with diverse actors to address underlying tensions and increase the communities’ ability to identify early warning signs of conflict. Our approach addresses perceptions of marginalization and exclusion that can drive violence or disrupt reconciliation processes. We use evidence-based, trauma-informed approaches to support local and national peacebuilding and are inclusive of all groups, including marginalized communities, women, youth, and the disabled, among others. We tailor our peacebuilding approach to each community, thereby amplifying local ownership to achieve lasting impact. Our work increases meaningful civic participation in political processes through community peace dialogues, facilitates negotiations among warring parties, and strengthens positive engagement with local government. By supporting the social and economic integration of conflict-affected regions, we create the conditions for communities to build and sustain peace.

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We partner with governments, the private sector, foundations, NGOs, and civil society to deliver effective programming and transform lives.
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