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Stabilization & Transition

Conflict Prevention, Stabilization & Transition

DT Global provides expertise to stabilize communities and transition them into longer-term peaceful coexistence.

We use a three-step approach for stabilization and transition. First, we work with local partners within the operating context to assess driving factors of instability. We then provide resources and expertise to help stabilize the immediate impact of crisis. Second, drawing from our iterative context analysis and expertise from local or international experts, we identify, prioritize, and implement responsive and flexible early recovery activities to promote and support political processes to end violence. Activities may include community dialogues, rehabilitating markets to re-establish livelihoods, supporting credible media outreach, organizing sporting events and cultural festivals, and providing support for infrastructure needs. Finally, we intentionally layer and sequence subsequent initiatives to support early recovery and lay the foundations for long-term stability to prevent backsliding. This is complemented with ongoing context analysis and building an evidence-base of what is working, and what isn’t, to change public perceptions and build community consensus in support of transitioning from conflict to stability.

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