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Sierra Leone: Providing Improved Water Service for Urban Citizens

Rehabilitation of Freetown Water Supply


Over 90% of the water supply to Freetown, Sierra Leone is supplied from Guma Dam and Water Treatment Plant. But this dam was built in the 1950s-60s and can only reliably provide water to the population it was built for at that time—around 800,000. The current population of Freetown approaches 2 million. In addition, Freetown’s water distribution network has significant leakages, resulting in an estimated 40% non-revenue water (i.e., water lost between production point and the customer).


Through this project, DT Global improves water service provision by supporting the Guma Valley Water Corporation in significantly rehabilitating critical water supply infrastructure across Freetown, serviced by the Guma Valley Dam. The project leads a consortium of firms, including Atkins and BAM Nuttall, on a design and build contract to deliver services across four stages: feasibility, front end engineering design, detailed design, and construction. The project was designed to focus on the most critical components of work required to rehabilitate the Freetown city water supply, while maintaining budget.

Goals and Results

As the lead firm, DT Global is responsible for managing the efficient delivery of the project, including feasibility, design, construction, commissioning, and handover of the completed works, and training of Guma Valley Water Company staff in operation and maintenance. Our knowledge and expertise of engineering in low- and middle-income environments enables us to integrate UK engineering expertise in design and construction into the challenging urban environment in Freetown.

Results to date include:

  • Delivered project from concept through to construction, coordinating between key stakeholders and ensuring appropriate solutions such that Freetown City benefited from a system with enhanced resilience.
  • Completed a full Environmental and Social Assessment process including screening; scoping; full Environmental, Social, and Health Impact Assessment; and Management Plan.
  • Prepared handover documentation, including commissioning and operation procedures, training manuals, and maintenance schedules.
  • Provided capacity development for Guma Valley Water Company staff, including basing several staff at the project office for the duration of the project.
2017 - 2022
Implemented by
DT Global UK
Sierra Leone
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