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Lebanon: Increasing the Supply of Clean and Renewable Energy

Innovation for Affordable and Renewable Energy for All (INARA)


Lebanon’s electricity supply is lower than its demand. The country primarily generates its electricity with fossil fuels through the “Electricité Du Liban” (EDL). However, aging equipment and technologies coupled with complex political factors hinder the generation, transmission, and distribution of power. EDL consequently experiences an unsustainable annual financial loss. In addition, EDL cannot provide continuous power to consumers. Independent power producers use fossil fuel generators to partially fill the gap in service, but this leads to consumers billing from two providers: EDL and the independent power producers. The result is that consumers face expensive bills for unreliable sources of electricity that exact a high environmental cost.


INARA, implemented by DT Global, aims to maximize access to power for the largest number of beneficiaries possible by increasing Lebanon’s supply of renewable energy. INARA will achieve this purpose in two phases: an Applied Research Phase and a Development Phase.

The Applied Research Phase objective is to create a technical and legal foundation, supported by community engagement and public private partnerships, for installing sustainable renewable energy systems in Lebanon. The technical foundation focuses on creating a renewable energy system design that comprises a standard typical and modular renewable energy system. The legal foundation clarifies pathways for installing and operating renewable energy systems under current and potential future legislation. Clarifying the legal structure is intended to attract investment, particularly from the diaspora, and build municipal self-reliance.

During the Development Phase, INARA will build renewable energy systems throughout Lebanon. First, INARA will implement a pilot project to demonstrate a legal and technical model for renewable energy system installation and operations. Then, the project will develop a legal model for forming public private partnerships and will establish an investment fund for building clean energy at the municipal level. Finally, the project will work with specific municipalities to provide renewable energy grants and technical assistance for the rehabilitation of renewable energy plants.

Goals and Results

INARA aims to implement the following results:

  • Identify renewable energy systems that deliver reliable power efficiently. This includes energy system designs and approaches, construction solutions, and smart metering techniques.
  • Build private and public sector partnerships that can leverage and maximize the impact of USAID’s renewable energy assistance. This includes supporting an enabling regulatory environment that can help expand access to innovative renewable energy solutions.
  • Maximize community engagement and incentives for reducing energy consumptions within the selected municipalities while creating solid partnerships with the diaspora that act as assistance multipliers.
  • Develop means for installing and operating renewable energy systems within current and potential future Lebanese laws.
2021 - 2026
Implemented by
DT Global US
Sub-Technical Areas
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