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Global: Financial and Programmatic Oversight of Global Fund Grant Programs

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Global Fund Local Fund Agent Services

2013 - 2023
Client: Global Fund
Implemented by: DT Global US

The Global Fund disburse billions of dollars ($5.2 billion in 2021) to grant recipients in more than 100 countries. As the Global Fund does not have a local presence in the countries where the grant programs are implemented, they rely on contracted Local Fund Agents to evaluate and monitor activities before, during and after the implementation of a grant. The Local Fund Agent is viewed as the “eyes and ears” of the Global Fund.


The Local Fund Agent team work closely with the Global Fund Geneva-based Country Teams to support the oversight and management of the grant program. We do this through capacity assessment of grant recipients, review of grant budgets and workplan, review of financial management and grant implementation arrangements, review of financial and programmatic reports, and targeted reviews and assessments related to the grant implementation and management arrangements.

Through all these reviews and assessment, the Local Fund Agent presents findings and recommendations to the Global Fund Country Teams, who use this information in the decision-making process related to the management of the grant portfolio.


Through our Local Fund Agent services DT Global has supported the Global Fund to oversee and manage $950 million in grant funds in countries and regions including Bangladesh, Belize, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Malaysia, Malawi, Mongolia, Mozambique, Multicounty Caribbean, Papua New Guinea, and Suriname.

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