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Honduras: Strengthening Government Capacity

Technical Assistance to the Programme "Support Measures to Institutional Development and Policy Management" MADIGEP


Honduras faces several challenges. At a political level, Honduras struggles from infighting between political groups and others in power, a lack of transparency among political parties, and a lack of guarantee of fundamental liberties. Economically, the country faces a challenge from the lack of a framework to address medium-term costs and extra-budgetary expenditures, as well as an insufficient prioritization of investments. At the social level, the country has achieved some progress, mainly regarding the reduction of poverty. However, significant inequalities still prevail and Honduras remains ranked as the most unequal country in Latin America.


The objective of the project is to contribute to the National Development Plan of Honduras in its goal of achieving an educated and healthy country, free of extreme poverty, while also displaying consolidated social welfare systems. More specifically, the project aims to build the capacity for a more effective and efficient implementation of public policies by:

  • Strengthening the Government of Honduras’ capacity to formulate, implement, and monitor public policies while involving civil society in said processes.
  • Reinforcing mechanisms, instruments, and competencies of public institutions to ensure macroeconomic stability and sustainability, and enhance the quality of the public finance management, promoting its transparency.
  • Strengthening the capacity of the Government of Honduras and Honduran society to take advantage of the EU-Central America Association Agreement and other global initiatives.
  • Strengthening the ownership and leadership of the Government of Honduras in managing aid development funds to fulfill the commitments set out in the High Level Forum of Busan, with special emphasis on mutual accounting.

Goals and Results

MADIGEP has improved the institutional planning capabilities of Ministries and Public Agencies while strengthening the management of Public Finances by "simplifying the national system of economy by applying results-based management" as well as "reforming the Budget organic law for budget".

One of the project’s main goals includes fighting the high levels of corruption within Honduran political spheres. According to the Corruption Perception Index, Honduras ranks at the 135th position. Consequently, one of the measures of the project has been the effective adoption of a 'policy of good governance and fight against corruption.'

The project has also boosted the 'laboratories of citizens’ innovation.' These laboratories are open spaces where Honduran citizens can develop and share innovative ideas and tackle some of the challenges referred to above while receiving institutional and technical support.

2015 - 2021
Implemented by
DT Global Europe
European Commission
Technical Areas
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