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Tuvalu: Improving Climate Resilient Maritime Facilities

Tuvalu Maritime Investment in Climate Resilient Operations (MICRO) Project


The Government of Tuvalu has an ongoing program for assistance in improving its outer island maritime facilities. The Government of Tuvalu has requested support from the World Bank (IDA) for support to develop a stronger, more resilient maritime sector and provide improved access to and from outer islands. The objective of the Tuvalu Maritime Investment in Climate Resilient Operations (MICRO) Project is to “improve the resilience of Tuvalu’s maritime sector and its capacity to prepare for and respond promptly and effectively to an Eligible Crisis or Emergency in Tuvalu.”


The project aims to improve the connectivity problems that constrain Tuvalu’s economic and social development. This will be achieved by rehabilitating and improving maritime infrastructure on the islands of Nanumaga, Nukufetau, and Nanumea and improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the Funafuti port cargo area pavement and warehouse. The objective is to improve infrastructure with the dual aim of improving the day-to-day lives of the Tuvalu people and providing infrastructure that can be used to respond to emergency events amplified by climate change.

Goals and Results

This project has two primary goals:

  • Design and tender for protected small workboat harbours on the islands of Nanumaga, Nukufetau, and Nanumea and associated cargo and passenger facilities
  • Design and tender for port pavement and warehouse upgrading at the Funafuti port.

DT Global has been engaged to carry out site scoping, concept design through to Tender Documentation, facilitate tendering and contract award for three small workboat harbours in Nanumaga, Nukufetau and Nanumea. The scope of work also include pavement, drainage, and warehouse upgrades at the international wharf in Funafuti. The tender documents are proposed to be for design-build using the FIDIC yellow book general conditions of Contract.

2018 - 2022
Implemented by
World Bank
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