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Indonesia: Supporting the Government to Alleviate Poverty through Social Protection

PROAKTIF - Poverty Alleviation and Comprehensive, Inclusive and Adaptive Social Protection


Tackling poverty has become an increasingly important priority of the Indonesian Government as economic growth and poverty reduction slowed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social protection systems play an important role in Indonesia’s approach to tackling poverty and much has been achieved, but major reform challenges remain. There are gaps in the social protection system, notably in support for the elderly, people with disabilities, and workers in the informal sector. There is also recognition of the need for institutional reforms to enable a more cohesive social protection system, and of the need to develop an Adaptive Social Protection approach which integrates disaster risk management and climate change adaption as the impacts of disasters increase in frequency and intensity.


PROAKTIF is designed to align with the evolving priorities of Government of Indonesia and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, by supporting the Policy Team of the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K). Since 2010 with DFAT’s support, TNP2K has played a pivotal role in Indonesia’s efforts to strengthen social protection and reduce poverty. Building on the experience of the last 13 years, PROAKTIF's approach emphasises responsiveness, structured learning, and planned flexibility as key pillars of its operational model.

PROAKTIF has two end-of-program outcomes. First, that TNP2K makes an effective contribution to reforming and improving poverty alleviation programs in Indonesia; and second, that PROAKTIF is effective in supporting TNP2K to optimise its performance while promoting gender equality, disability inclusion, and robust performance monitoring. Through these efforts, PROAKTIF is supporting Government of Indonesia to realise its ambition of a comprehensive and equitable social protection system aligned with its goal to reduce poverty.

To achieve these outcomes, PROAKTIF monitors the policy and development landscape and responds flexibly to Government of Indonesia priorities related to social protection and poverty reduction. TNP2K provides policy advice, research, monitoring, evaluation, and data on social protection and poverty, responding to requests from line ministries and leading on initiatives where appropriate to do so. The PROAKTIF support facility provides resources to TNP2K to promote gender equality, disability, and social inclusion (GEDSI); and monitoring, evaluation, and learning in the course of its work, and other specialist skills, administrative, and logistical support to deliver on its mandate.

Goals and Results

PROAKTIF Outcome 1: TNP2K makes an effective contribution to reforming and improving poverty alleviation programs in Indonesia.

This outcome articulates DFAT’s commitment to support the TNP2K Secretariat to fulfil its mandate to reform and improve the Government of Indonesia’s poverty alleviation efforts. Four intermediate outcomes contribute to the achievement of Outcome One.

  • Intermediate Outcome 1.1: Improved coverage and inclusion of the social protection system.
  • Intermediate Outcome 1.2: Improved access and equity in the implementation of social protection programs.
  • Intermediate Outcome 1.3: Improved collaboration and integration of Government of Indonesia social protection human development, and economic empowerment policies and programs.
  • Intermediate Outcome 1.4: Improved capability in TNP2K to monitor internal strategies and performance for continuous improvement.

PROAKTIF Outcome 2: Enabling Facility Optimises TNP2K Performance, Including in the Promotion of GEDSI and Performance Monitoring.

This outcome will ensure TNP2K has the support it needs to fulfill its mandate while promoting Australia’s policy priorities and quality standards. Four Intermediate Outcomes contribute to the achievement of Outcome 2:

  • Intermediate Outcome 2.1: Technical Support satisfies TNP2K requirements and DFAT standards.
  • Intermediate Outcome 2.2: TNP2K proposals and products quality assured.
  • Intermediate Outcome 2.3: Increased attention to GEDSI across TNP2K activities.
  • Intermediate Outcome 2.4: Increased attention to building TNP2K capability to monitor strategy and performance for continuous improvement.

Outcome 2 and its four intermediate outcomes describe results from PROAKTIF’s direct engagement with TNP2K to strengthen TNP2K’s technical capacity and commitment to specific priorities. As such, work in this area requires close engagement and agreement with TNP2K.

2023 - 2025
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