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Yemen: Providing Research and M&E Products to Drive Impact and Innovation

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Yemen Rapid Response Support

2018 - 2021
Client: US Department of State
Implemented by: DT Global US

DT Global is contracted by PartnersGlobal to provide research and third-party monitoring and evaluation services for its stabilization and peace building interventions throughout Yemen. The challenge is to engage all stakeholders and provide innovative and academically rigorous M&E methodologies in a politically complex, geographically segmented operating environment.


DT Global’s Yemen project team designs, delivers, and codes beneficiary surveys, focus group discussions, and key informant interviews to gather quality data across the country. The team produces analytically sound and statistically representative products for PartnersGlobal, its partners, and our clients. Throughout, DT Global invests in building the capacity of its local partners to design and deliver M&E tools both online and offline. Alongside these written products, DT Global produces engaging, interactive, and insightful data visualization products to better contextualize its M&E products in a dynamic operating environment.


DT Global’s research and M&E products complete the feedback loop from the beneficiaries to the implementing partners and clients. This results in better designed, higher impact interventions which positively transforms the lives of our beneficiaries. These include:

  • 2019 Needs Assessment in Taiz: DT Global conducted a 900-person survey of residents in Taiz, Yemen's second-largest city to assess access to water, electricity, and other government services. The survey results guided stabilization activities in the city.
  • Research products: DT Global’s Yemen project team produces monthly contextual assessments and analyses that cover the governorates of Taiz, al-Dhale’, and Marib. These research products are the result of proprietary media monitoring and analysis from the home office and Yemen-based staff that monitor roughly 60 media outlets, on-the-ground observations from the target locations, and the input of the PMU’s Yemen expert.
  • Activity-specific M&E products: The Yemen project team provides ongoing activity-specific third-party monitoring for PartnersGlobal, its partners in Yemen, and the donor. These reports have measured and evaluated interventions ranging from (but not limited to) COVID-19 preparedness and disinformation, local governance issues and capacity building activities, and support for health facilities. DT Global has ensured throughout that top-line findings are translated and shared with local partners, implementors, and beneficiaries in line with its commitment to local capacity building and engagement.
  • Final evaluations: The final report will ensure that lessons learned are captured and disseminated broadly so that DT Global can scale positive impacts and reduce waste. The Yemen project team is committed to driving impact and innovation to deliver much needed interventions for Yemenis across the country. The final M&E report will ensure that all stakeholders have the data to do so.

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