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Yemen: Supporting Media and Independent Journalism

Supporting media, independent journalism, and positive messaging in Yemen


Yemen’s civil war has divided the country and left space for non-state actors to promote propaganda and disinformation while obscuring public opinion. As a result, Yemenis—including journalists, activists and civil society leaders—struggle to find a space in Yemen’s saturated and polarizing media environment for independent and neutral voices. This challenge prevents independent and neutral journalists from effectively representing the perspectives and experiences of local Yemenis while also obstructing the country’s peace and reconciliation process.


The program supports independent media and journalists in their efforts to amplify Yemeni voices and shed light on local events through rigorous, fact-based journalism. The program aims to bolster media coverage that resonates with local audiences, counters divisive narratives, and promotes peace and reconciliation.

Goals and Results

Goals to date include:

  • Map trends in Yemen’s media landscape.
  • Conduct research on public opinion in local Yemeni communities.
  • Support independent journalists to strengthen their ability to understand public opinion and produce fact-based messaging that resonates with local communities.
  • Increase local communities’ awareness of divisive narratives and support for peace and reconciliation.
2020 - 2022
Implemented by
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