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One of the most important ways in which the Pashinyan government can turn this tide of discontent and mistrust is through more effective, data-driven, and citizen-centered strategic communications. DT Global conducted a public opinion survey (shortly after the September 19 attack) to better understand the preferences and expectations Armenians have for their government’s communication efforts.

El país centroamericano de Honduras afronta varios problemas en términos de desarrollo que llevan años en fase de germinación. Seguramente el más acuciante y fundamental de todos sea la debilidad del estado hondureño y su poco impacto en cuanto a la capacidad institucional de diseñar políticas

DT Global has a long history of supporting governments around the world on Public Financial Management (PFM). In the last three decades, a number of African countries have introduced reforms to improve the management of public monies, despite scarce resources and enormous social and economic

On the heels of a contentious election in the United States and an ongoing debate over the validity of mail-in voting, the likelihood of voter fraud amidst the pandemic, and concerns over civil unrest, many comparisions are being made to elections in developing countries, where these concerns are all too