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Most victims of trafficking are unidentified, unsupported, and uncompensated for the harm and losses caused by the experience of being trafficked. A key reason for this is the limited capacity of government officials and civil society organisations (CSOs) to correctly and consistently identify potential victims.

With support from the ACP-EU Culture Programme in the Pacific, the VOU Dance Company and Conservatory has been able to set up a 'training to employment' project for youth and women from disadvantaged Fijian communities. In Fiji, the vibrant performances of the VOU Dance Company reflect

According to the United Nations, today the world’s population is over eight billion people. Of this number, one billion people live with some form of disability, with 80 percent living in developing countries. Worldwide much still needs to be done to strengthen approaches to disability engagement

In recent months, news of fraudulent scam operations and labour exploitation in Southeast Asia has dominated headlines. Unsuspecting victims from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Asia have been lured by the prospect of well-paid jobs that require little or no

As an international development organisation supporting over 100 countries around the world, we know the key to any successful project revolves around investing in our greatest asset: our people. This is especially important when working in local development settings. Working in partnership with and

Did you know that the cultural and creative industries are one of the most promising sectors to stimulate economic growth and human development? Indeed, they represent 3% of the world's GDP and provide some 30 million jobs worldwide. They also promote social cohesion and foster diversity of creative