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Published on June 14th, 2023

Announcing DT Global Commercial Advisory: Driving Business and Social Impact Through Sustainable Execution

DT Global is excited to officially launch DT Global Commercial Advisory, a new business line that brings our decades of development experience and track record of engagement with various industry sectors to further help companies and organizations drive sustainability and social impact programs. With more than 2,500 employees working in 93 countries and global expertise in a range of areas, DT Global is well positioned to help companies and organizations weather trends and thrive in an ever-changing world. Business value is intrinsically intertwined with our clients’ ability to drive impact and change; we can help make that change a reality. DT Global has a foundational commitment to profit for purpose. In fact, it’s how we are structured, being majority owned by a charitable trust. Our very structure reaffirms our commitment to transforming lives and testing and advancing new methodologies for development and program financing.

We understand that driving global impact, addressing climate change, and establishing sustainable practices that meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities can be complex for any company and organization. With increasing global interconnectivity and rapid disruption, DT Global Commercial Advisory aims to build more resilient and adaptive systems across sectors, including Climate-Resilient Infrastructure, Supply Chain Resilience, and Livelihoods and Market Development that can help future generations to thrive. Our Sustainable Execution approach helps to move companies and organizations from “checking the box” to making real, lasting impacts in the communities where they operate.

Our approach to driving business and social impact through sustainable execution is guided by six key philosophies that shape DT Global’s work every day:

1. We believe that real impact happens on the ground. Our staff live and work in communities experiencing change, enabling us to develop relevant and impactful programs by understanding the local political, cultural, and social context.

2. Local data leads to local impact. We collaborate with companies and organizations to collect baseline data about perceptions, attitudes, and socioeconomic and geospatial conditions on the ground. We then continuously monitor, evaluate, and learn throughout the lifecycle of a project.

3. Partnerships are critical. We believe that no single company or organization can solve the biggest challenges facing people and the planet, so we build partnerships with intentionality and a view toward long-term sustainability. We have longstanding roots in the communities in which we work, and co-create partnerships with donors, development finance partners, local NGOs, foundations and family trusts, and the private sector to ensure success.

4. Sustainability and social impact must be tied to the core business. We help companies and organizations identify how business value is intrinsically intertwined with their ability to drive impact and change and support the development of strategies to create this change.

5. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches. Each client is unique, so we create unique solutions for them, establishing long-term relationships while leveraging our broader experience where it makes sense.

6. The time to act is now. We know that if we don’t help our clients act now, it will soon be too late to effect change for people and the planet.

We apply these philosophies and our decades of development experience to help companies and organizations achieve their business and impact priorities. More information on our cross-cutting areas of expertise and service offerings can be found on our website.

We invite you to reach out to our staff to learn more about DT Global Commercial Advisory at [email protected].