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Published on March 3rd, 2022

DT Global Joins Coalition for Racial & Ethnic Equality in Development

DT Global is proud to join the Coalition for Racial & Ethnic Equity in Development (CREED) as a first endorser signatory of CREED’s Pledge to advance racial and ethnic diversity, equity, inclusion in our organization and the larger development sector.

CREED is a collective of more than 30 US-based international development and humanitarian organizations committed to building racial and ethnic equity. CREED’s work focuses first on building racial and ethnic equity within US organizational policies, systems, and culture using attainable, measurable goals, while also building REE in the international development sector.

“In development, we’re often laser-focused on our programs in other countries,” says Sloan Mann, President of DT Global US. “But it is crucial that we take actionable steps towards racial and ethnic equity in our offices at home if we are to set an example of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the countries we work.”

The Pledge for Racial and Ethnic Equity commits organizations to doing this focused work. The Pledge includes detailed information on five components: policies and systems; people, leadership, and organizational culture; accountability; organizational culture; and communications and transparency. For each of these components, CREED has developed a standard definition and illustrative roadmap for how to develop the component and apply it, including outcomes and illustrative indicators.

DT Global is proud to have begun implementing many of these same standards through our staff-led diversity, equity, and inclusion work. But we know we have much more to do, and advancing racial and ethnic equity in partnership with our broader international development community will only improve our actions and accountability.

Last Tuesday, Sloan attended the CREED Launch Event and Call to Action, where members of our international development community came together to discuss how we can take action to advance REE in development. Sloan shares his thoughts on the CREED Pledge below—and stay tuned for information on how DT Global is continuing to advance racial and ethnic equity in our offices.